Learn To Do Conjuring Tricks

and become the Lion of the party. It has been my life study to learn how best to teach you. The accomplishment will add at least ,£100 to your annual income.

Stanyon's School of Conjuring, Paper Folding, &c. is "The Original School you hear so much about."

(1) The Stanyon School of Magic, is the oldest, biggest, best, in fact the only school of its kind in the World. Taught thoroughly by post.

(2) .Stanyon's Pupils are constantly sought for by agents, managers and private parties, throughout the land (and 011 the seas) willing to pay from £5 to £20 per week.

. (3) Stanyon's Now Famous Serial Works and monthly journal Magic (fourth successful year of publication) are responsible, on Their own confession, for the production and tremendous success of Card, Coin, Handkerchief and Handcuff " Kings." Vide Testimonials.

(4) The Stanyon Correspondence System represents the highest standard of conjuring instruction in the World. 1 o you realize the full significance of these facts to you?

We shall be glad to have you ask us what the Stanyon School of Magic has done, what our pupils are doing and what we can do for you. We' will answer promptly and completely if you write to us for our large prospectus, enclosing one penny stamp for postage.


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