STANYON & CO., 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W

Second Hand, Rare and Reduced Books.

Hooper's Recreations, 4 vols. 1772, 1,200 pp. very rare ,, ,, vols. 1, 2, & 4, sell separate, each

Magic no Mystery (Cremer) 333 pp. Illns., very rare Drawing-room Magic (Cassell) 1868, 90 pp. Illus. rare Art of Ventriloquism (Maccabe) 110 pp., very rare Conjurer Dick, (Hoffmann) 256 pp., Illustrated, as new Conjuring and Magic, (Houdin) cloth, 373 pp., 111., very rare Drawing-room Conjuring, (Hoffmann) cloth, 192 pp., rare Lives of the Conjurers, (Frost) 360 pp., Illus., rare Card Sharpers Exposed, (Houdin) 280 pp., Illus., rare ... Fifty years in the Magic Circle (Blitz) 432 pp., Illus., rare Secret Out, (Cremer) 307 pp., Illus.

A Thought Reader's Thoughts (Cumberland) 326 pp., ... Gale's Recreations (Gale) 336 pp., copper plate engravings Natural Magic (Brewster) 424 pp., Illus,, very rare edition Memoirs of Houdin (Houdin) 340 pp.. rare and interesting Acrobats and Mountebanks (Le Roux) 336 pp., 233 illus. Confessions of a Medi m, 232 pp., Illus., rare ... Boys' Own Conjuring Book, 406 pp., scarce and interesting Houdin and Heller's Second Sight, (W. I. Bishop) rare Recollections of Houdin (Manning) 30 pp., and portrait Tours des Cartes (French) 152 pp.

How its Done (Dr. Lynn). Very rare and interesting ... Hand Shadows (Ellis Stanyon). 50 figures, reduced to Anderson, Professor, Cabinet photo of ... Herrmann, the Great, Cabinet photo of Memory Feats (by Ellis Stanyon). Reduced to Magic and its Mysteries (Theobald), 150 pp., Illus. Sharps and Flats (Maskelyne). 335 pp., Illus. Card Tricks without apparatus, 96 pp. Illus. ... Magic and Remarkable Delusions, 200 pp Rare Magic, &c., (Anon) 200 pp., Illus., very rare Card Tricks with apparatus (Hoffmann) 114 pp., rare ... Piesse's Magic, 1865, cloth, 267 pp., Illus., rare... Amusement without end, (Planche), 500 pp., Illus., rare Art of Amusing (Bellew), 300 Illus., rare Beckmann's History of Inventions, 1846. 2 vols., 1100 pp.

calf backs, equal to new, very rare ... Spectropia, Spectral Illusions. Cloth, 200 pp., 4 to., with coloured illustrations, very rare . . ... ... .

Silhouettes Animée (Bertrand). Cloth 200 pp., largest and best book published on Hand Shadows The supernatural (Weatherly). Cloth, 273 pp., as new ... Card Tricks (Kunard) 180 pp. illustrated Modern Conjuring (Kunard), 216 pp. illustrated Isis very much unveiled (Garrett), 136 pp., Illus. Prof. Anderson's Parlour Magic and Spirit Rapping, 95 pp.

rare, with photo and autograph of Wizard of North The Magician, Monthly (discontinued), 3 copies as new, the three for Miscellaneous Puzzles (Hoffmann) 130 pp. Illus. Young Man's book of Amusement, 1848, 384 pp. How to Fascinate, A Great Secret, pamphlet 16 pp. Philosophy of Mesmerism, 1851, pamphlet 82 pp. rare ... Cabinet of Arts, 238 pp. (30 pp. missing) very rare Endless Amusement, cloth, 216 pp. very rare Lane's Modern Egyptians, 1837, 422 pp., Illus., rare Domestic Amusement (Badcock) 1800, 210 pp., Illus. Life of Barnum, 1855., cloth, 372 pp.. photo of B., rare ... Baccarat, Fair and Foul (Hoffmann) 1891, 120 pp., rare ... How to Win at Nap, Illus., and with Coloured Frontis,

The Poker Book (Guerndale) 1889, 80 pp., Illus., Mystical Sleights and Illusions (Morrell) pamphlet 30 pp.



We have on hand at all times a large selection of Second-Hand and Rare Works on Magic, 4c. We shall ba pleased to answer questions and give any particulars at any time on receipt of stamped addresed envelope.

Wanted Old and New Books on Conjuring and Kindred Arts; also Conjuring Apparatus, Exchange or Cash ; Good Value given.

STANYON & Co., 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.

Stanyon's Illusive Coin.—Any coin, gold, silver or copper, any value, is borrowed from one of audience who is requested to render assistance. Performer places the coin in his left hand and makes a ' pass ' at the gentleman ; then opening both hands and showing them back and front the coin has disappeared. The borro.\ed coin, which may have been marked, is now found in the gentleman's pocket. No duplicates or confederacy. Done with sleeves up, nude condition if you like. Highly recommended.

The Dissolving- Shilling.—A borrowed shilling placed in box and a little heat applied. Performer pours out the mei/fed coin, then replaces it in box and eventually shows it whole again.

Price 9d., post free lid.

The Pepper Box.—Any borrowed coin duly marked for recognition is placed in the box and heard to rattle about, yet on command it vanishes and appears in any desired place.

Price 8d., post free lid.

Larger and Superior Price 1/3, post free 1/6

The Jumping; Sixpence.—Just come to light, a very old trick of the old travelling showmen and race-course tricksters. A borrowed sixpence is placed on the wrist, when to the surprize of all it jumps in the air, turns completely over, and comes to rest in the same spot. Borrowed coin, not changed, is used and no assistance is rendered by the opposite hand. Complete instructions.

Price 9d., post free lOd.

The Jumping1 Penny. —A companion trick to the jumping sixpence, done with a borrowed penny, florin, or halfcrown. In this case the coin is laid on the back of the left hand, when it instantly jumps and turns completely over to the astonishment of all present. The right hand plays no part in the trick. Complete instructions. Price 9d., Post free 10d.

The above tzvo tricks together for 1/-, Post free 1/1.

New Coin Combination.—Borrowed coin folded in small piece of paper and all examined. Paper burnt to ashes in candle ; coin lias disappeared and at,t( parts of both hands shown. Coin reproduced from caudle, or as desired. Excellent for impromptu work. Price 9dpost free 10d.

The Marvellous Changing Coin.—a borrowed florin is mysteriously changed To a penny, to the chagrin of owner, to appease whom, performer changes penny back To florin. But intent on having some more fun he once more changes Fiyorin to penny, then, again relenting, the penny is finally changed back to Florin which is returned to owner. At any moment during the changes both hands are shown to contain nothing but the one coin which is quite unprepared and may be examined. Complete instructions. Price 9d., post free lOd.

The Attached Coins.—Penny, half penny, and a farthing are balanced by their edges one on top of the other.

Price 10d.,postfree lid.

Silvered Coins, Price 2,-, post free 2/3

Wire Spiral Coin Vanish —A skeleton wire spiral through which a knife is passed in all directions to show absence of trickery, is placed over borrowed coin and covered with a handkerchief. On removing handkerchief coin has disappeared and is found elsewhere. In conclusion coin is mysteriously returned to spiral. Our own novelty. Price 11-, post free 1/3

Back and Front Coin Palming.—American method, very superior and highly deceptive at close quarters. None better.

New Reverse Palm for any sized Coin.—Hitherto it has been impossible to make the continuous back and front palm with small coins as half sovereign, sixpence, &c. We have now a method which we guarantee to be practical, subtle and deceptive at close quarters, by which this beautiful sleight may be executed with any size coin—to wit the threepenny piece. With explanatory diagrams, P> ice 1/6, post free 1/7

STANYON & Co., 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W;

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