Apparatus and Preparations for Fire and cnemical magic.

Arranged in Portable Mahogany Cabinets—Three Sizes—at 23/6, 39/6, and 63/6

These Cabinets suit the wants of the Entertainer who wishes to pirjorm the experiments he finds described in Stanyoii s " New Fire Tricks and Chemical Magic" and in the■ various boohs on conjuring. They are Hot mere toys. , The articles they contain are of the best materials. Even the cheapest collection' (at 23/6) affords the apparatus and materials for an extensive range of interesting experiments ; while the more expensive collections, besides enabling the student to educate himself while affording amusement to others, provide him with the apparatus and tests necessary for an effective course of qualitative analysis.

No. 1. Mahogany Cabinet contains 31 pieces of apparatus, and preparations in 9 bottles and 24 Boxes,

Complete, Price 23/6 No. 2 Mahogany Cabinet contains 48 pieces of apparatus,, and fifty preparations in 14 bottles and 36 boxes.

Complete, Price 39/6 No. j Mahogany Cabinet contains 74 pieces of apparatus and sixty preparations in 15 bottles and 45 boxes.

Complete, Price 63/6

STANYON'S SCHOOL OF flAGIC, 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London, N.W.

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