For The Stage


Explains in detail, and conscientiously, how to prepare and exhibit all the best known and most effective Tricks with Fire and chemical magic. Mr. Stanyon's explanation of the Ching Ling Foo Fire Eating, as performed at the London Hippodrome, is alone worth the price of the whole book, which also contains the following, amoxgst other gi^eat secrets. To Fireproof the hands, &c. ; to drink boiling oil (3 methods) ; tricks with Fire Balls; to drink boiling lead (2 methods) ; to eat burning coals; Salamandrine Dessert ; Chain of Fire ; Biting off red hot Iron (genuine) ; New Colour Changing Effects ; Seven Wines from One Bottle ; Black and White Mystery, in all 5 methods ; the Human Gasometer; Blazing Tubes; Living Gas Jets; to Eat Burning Coals, Pitch, &c. ; to Fire Paper with breath (2 method«) ; Blazing Sponge Trick ; Demon Bowls of Fire ; Blazing Bananas ; Sparks from Finger Tips (not Electricity) ; New Ink and Water Change (2 methods) ; Coloured Fir es and their uses in Conjuring; Fire from Water; Bimbo Tehi Fire; Candle Lighting Extraordinary (2 methods) ; Candle Lights, and goes out by firing gun ; Chemical Blood writing on arm ; Potassium Fire Bowl and others ; and all for Three Shillings.

The whole specially written and arranged in response to numerous requests from Fire Kings and speciality Entertainers.

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