By Ews Stanyon

I11 every issue from No.i, Vol. I, to present date.

An additional effect 4or the Four Ace Trick.—In the four ace trick you palm three cards 011 to the top of the four aces resting 011 the top of the pack. But having dealt your cards in four heaps 011 the table you have hitherto been unable to shotv an ace at the bottom of each heap, always to my mind a very weak point.

I will now explain how the trick tnay be worked with equal facility, and yet enable the operator to show an ace at the bottom of each heap, and that without using duplicates of any kind, in fact with any pack of cards.

Solution.—When picking up the aces and placing them on the top of the pack you must observe to leave the ace of spades at the top. Next observe that the three cards palmed on to the top of the aces are not absolutely indifferent cards as hitherto but that they are the Three of Diamonds, Three of Clubs, Three of Hearts. The order in which they are placed is immaterial, only. care must be taken that one is not the three of spades, or when showing the four aces subsequently, you would show two of one suit, which needless to say, would make things a little awkward. Well ! the four heaps, of four cards each as usual, on the table, the bottom card of each is supposed to be an ace and you show ostensibly, that such is the cise. The bottom card of three of the heaps is a three, but the threes are shown as aces by lifting up the front end, at the same time hiding the front pip with the fingers, pressing the rear end on the table and exposing the centre pip only, which leads all to suppose the card is an ace—and there is 110 reason for anyone to think otherwise, hence the deception is the more deceptive.

Novel Handkerchief Production from Candle.—

This ingenious appliance was designed, I believe, by the late Mr. Frank Hiam, to obtain the effect of actually extracting a previously vanished silk handkerchief from the flame of a caudle. A piece of very thin brass tubing (telescopic tube is used) is soldered on to a metal plate, concave and fitted with pins for attachment to the candle as shown in Fig. 24. The candle and stick having both been examined, the performer while returning to his table secretly obtains possession of the tube and sticks it on to the candle, the handkerchief in the tube slightly protruding as seen in the Fig. Having vanished a handkerchief, duplicate of the one in the tube on rear side of candle, the rest now follows as a matter of course, but the one hand should steady the candle in the stick lest the sudden jerk might withdraw it and it be seen dangling igno-miniously in mid air attached to the handkerchief.

The tube is enamelled white in imitation of the candle and once in position its presence is not at all likely to be discovered,

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