Annual Subscribers Only

The latter course, we believe, will be most generally appreciated and therefore we propose to adopt it from this date onwards, subject, of course, to the approval of a majority of readers, and we shall be glad to hear from any or all in respect to this decision.

It is said " Every man is worthy of his hire " and if we go so far as to say that it is simply preposterous to offer such valuable secrets as De Koltd's Wonderful Card Rising Trick, as explained in our last issue, for the small sum of sixpence (price of single copy) we feel sure that our views will be those of the majority of our readers. There are jealous people in every age, but jealousy is born of incompetence, indolence, and a superior knowledge of other people's business. There is a subscriber to "Magic," actually an annual subscriber who writes us annonymous letters, (does not possess the competence to sign his name, nor, for that matter, to disguise his handwriting) depreciating the value of "Magic "in the most abusive languageā€”but he is an annual subscriber (and will doubtless remain one) which, together with his amusing letters, affords us the utmost satisfaction. We have always treated his letters with absolute contempt (time is a valuable asset here) but will here advise him on the fallacy of wasting time which might, surely, be employed to much greater advantage But I am digressing, albeit with a view to afford sonje amusement and to create an object lesson.

Owing to its important contents we issued the last number of " Magic''to Annual Subcribers only, as has been done on previous occasions, only to find that there are a few (only a few) who resent such action and write that they do not like the idea of being compelled to subscribe to the paper. There is obviously no compulsion, but to avoid any unpleasantness in the future we propose to issue " Magic " to

ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS ONLY and in this we confess we are not original, as " Magic" is not the first journal to be issued only to Annual Subscribers, but " Magic " is the first and only purely Conjuring Journal that has, as yet, had the courage to announce issue to ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.

Others please copy as usual and flatter " Magic " the Pioneer of Conjuring magazines.

Original Lessons in flAagig.

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