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282. Vanishing Wand.—Ordinary conjuring wand wrapped up in any sheet of paper and package struck on table several times to prove solidity. Yet at any moment package is crushed between hands into a little ball of paper only, and the solid wand is taken from trousers' pocket. This makes a smart and an effective act.

Price 3/9

283. New Vanishing Glass of Water.—Performer fills a glass tumbler with water from an ordinary china jug. The glass of water, covered with a silk handkerchief, is now thrown into the air and disappears entirely. There are no pockets required and to prove this, the trick may done equally well in a nude condition if desired, and no tables, chairs or other furniture on stage is necessary. Complete with all accessories 10/6

Without glaés and handkerchief 7/6

N.B.—Our own design and improvements, and guaranteed superior to any other or money refunded. Splendid effect when used in connection with our New Rice Bowls Trick (No. 229 Sept. Magic), water takes place of rice in Bowls, and glass is produced full of Rice from elsewhere.

284. Great Hoop Test for Dark Seance.—First time offered in any conjuring catalogue. Medium's arm is examined from head over shoulder, to finger tips. A solid wood or steel hoop, or tambourine rim, passed for examination, not changed, is now passed on to the arm while hand is held tightly by any person present, whomay also satisfy himself that the arm is quite bare at the start. Secret, Price 4/285. New Ballot Test of the Mediums.—First time offered in any conjuring catalogue. How to immediately and secretly discover what an investigator has written on a long strip of paper folded many times. This is done on the top of the table in full view of the investigator. No "change" or alcohol used or any of the common methods, Superb yet simple subtlety. Anyone can do it. Secret, Price 4/-

As a subscriber to MAGIC you are entitled to have the secret of ANY one conjuring trick (listed by us) explained in each volume simply for the asking. Surely this is better than paying a big price for the secret and doing without MAGIC which can also be relied upon to acquaint you with many other equally valuable secrets.

286. Stanyon's New Double Invisible Servante (Invented by Mr. Ellis Stanyon).—This servante is equally suitable for the small round or oblong side table, or for the large centre table. Note that a glass tumbler may be vanished, then a billiard ball or other hard object, without fear of the glass being fractured, in fact without the slightest sound. Further the servante loaded with objects is quite invisible at desire of performer, and table may be Shown all round. Brass and net work, or fitted to vanish a glass full of water if desired. Only one price. 12/6

1273. Stanyon's Glass Tubes & Handkerchiefs.—Season's Novelty. Two glass tubes, each hermetically sealed at one end, are shown to audience. Performer places a red handkerchief in one and a blue handkerchief in the other, then holding the ttoibes; by the closed ends, one in each hand, hands wide apart, he commands the silks to change places ; this they do while in full view of audience and without being covered in any way. No " Pulls '' or Mirrors, nothing in duplicate, no preparation ; done anywhere in any costume. Pricie 6/6

1374. The Polychromatic Ball and Handkerchief Triek.—

From a lot of different coloured handkerchiefs, audience select one of any colour ( absolutely no forcing or confederacy) and this is instantly changed to a billiard ball of the same colour. Quite new and practicable. Price 2/6

Silk handkerchiefs of various colours, extra, each 1/-

1908. New Vanishing JBilliard Ball.—Any Ball is dropped by audience into a glass of water and covered with a borrowed handkerchief, on removing handkerchief ball has vanished from water; all6xamined. Feke only, Price 2/9

1997. Wandering Wine.—Two borrowed hats are placed mouth to mouth. On top of them is placed a glass filled with wine which is covered with a paper cylinder open at both ends. Glass disappears from top of hats and is found filled with wine in the lower hat. Cover shown empty. No rubber cover used.

Price 5/9

1998. Water on the Brain.—Performed at the Egyptian Hall. Performer1 fills a tumbler with water which he places on the palm of his hand and covers with a borrowed handkerchief; anyone is allowed to put their hand under handkerchief and feel glass up to the last moment. Presto ! glass of water has vanished, and is immediately afterwards found in a borrowed hat, the handkerchief is returned to owner. The trick admits of many variations.

Price 7/9

287. Electric Sprays.—An entirely new Drawing-room Firework in the form of a large cigarette held in a coil of wire for fixing on Christmas Trees, &c., &c. When lighted throw out innumerable brilliant stars, without heat, equal in brilliancy to the electric light, hence their name. Each spray burns for some minutes. Absolutely harmless. Great novelty.

Packet of 6 sprays wired, Price 8d.

288. Stanyon's Special Cabinet of Drawing-room Fireworks.—Just the thing, and indispensable for Christmas parties. Containing a large and varied assortment of the most amusing and beautiful indoor pyrotechniques,selected from our large and varied stock. All quite harmless. Post free, Price 2/9

Do. do. larger and more varied1 assortment ,, 5/3

289. A Wonderful Chinese Mystery.—Little dried up circles of paper which, when dropped into a basin of water expand into pretty fish, animals, boats, chinamen, flowers, &c., all perfectly lifelike and in the most exquisite colours. Guaranteed more than value for money. Supreme table amusement.

Assorted packet of 12, Price 7d.

290. Stanyon's Pyrotechnic Top.—A prepared card is placed over the stem of the top, the corners of the card are lighted and the top is stpun. The card burns slowly and beautiful/rings of various coloured fires are formed. A special powder is now sprinkled on the fire top which then shoots out showers of brilliant stars. Complete with top and a supply of prepared cards and powder. Price 1/2

Extra supply of prepared cards and powder, ,, 7d.

291. Potassium.—Put up in wide mouthed bottles, sufficient for 50 experiments with our improved productive Bowl of Fire, also used in the production of numerous novel and effective tricks in Fire and Chemical Magic. Post free, Price 1/3

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