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A Man of Ideas who can put tliem into practice.

New and original stage illusions as opposed to conjuring tricks are from their very nature, like new orchids, valuable but rare, and we have much pleasure in introducing to our readers a man who has for some years made, quite privately, this subject his special study alike in theory and practice.

As to his results our readers can as far as is possible from a brief written description of any illusion, gather some idea from the leaflet accompanying this month's Magazine. In a recent interview which we had with him he explained his illusions, so far as their effects only were concerned of course, to us more fully, and we are decidedly of the opinion that those illusionists, who have at times been on the verge of suicide for want of a new illusion, may have now discovered their Mecca.

By profession a schoolmaster, Mr. Johnson tells of how a chance visit, which he paid a few years ago, to the Egyptian Hall, aroused his interest in magic, and that purchasing all the literature on the subject he could procure, he set assiduously to work (regularly taking in

The Experimentalist, V. E. Johnson, M.A., F.R.M.S., and Miss Muriel Johnson {agedfour), whose favourite experiment is " The Aerial Swing."

" Magic," of course, as soon as he heard of it) to make himself thoroughly acquainted with all that had hitherto been done on the subject, and to learn the principles upon which the Art depended. His scientific training soon settled the last point. Mr. Johnson, however, warns his readers not to be alarmed by the use of the word scientific, which does not mean that his illusions would require the carrying about of jars of frozen mercury and bottles of liquid air, etc., it simply means that they do not require any sleight of hand. As a lecturer and experimentalist at the time of the X Ray boom, Mr. Johnson was well known, his lectures and experiments on that subject carrying him all over the kingdom. As an entertainer he has hitherto only appeared before private or semi-private audiences. He is the author of the sketches, etc., " Parachuting up to date," " Stumped at Last," "Dr. Metol's Discovery," "The Doctor's Mummy," "The Rival Magicians," all of which he has very successfully produced at entertainments given in connection with his scholastic work. The success that he has met with, both in this respect and in his experiments 011 original magical illusions, decided him a short time back to sever his connection with the scholastic profession and to devote all his time and energies to the subject of Magical Science.

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(And more to follow)


The various tricks explained therein are the latest and most novel known at the time of publication. The explanations are absolutely original, in the author's inimitable style, and embody numerous suggestions, interesting alike to the amateur or professional Magician.

For Nos. 1 to 10, see special lists. For Nos. 12 & 13, back page of this issue.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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