Advertisement Rates

MISCELLANEOUS. Tricks, Books, etc., "For Sale," and " Wanted," will be inserted at a charge of 6d. per dozen words ; every additional two words, Id.

BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS : Displayed in miscellaneous column, 2/6, (60 cts.) per inch. 3 insertions o/-' ($1.50)

PROFESSIONAL CARDS : Perinsertion, 1/-; yearly, 8/6 ($2). One insertion and copy, 1/3 (30 cts.)

ENTERTAINERS: (One line). Name, Business and Address Yearly, 4/- $l.OO.

DISPLAYED ADVERTISEMENTS. Space of one inch, 5/= \ Quarter Page, 21 /= ; Half Page, 3y/6 ; Full Page, 63/- ; Front Page, with photo block supplied by artiste, 42/- ($10) ;or we can supply from any photo, finest quality half-tone block (4111. x 3111.), which afterwards becomes the property of the advertiser, at an extra nominal cost of 10/6, ($2.50).

Post Office Orders should be made pay-REMITTANCES. able to STANYON & Co., at "Kilburn, Mill Lane." Cheques crossed "London and County Bank, West Hampstead." Where the amount is small stamps (halfpenny preferred) may be sent; also for small amounts American stamps and dollar notes are accepted.


The first part of the present volume, the last issue, was a double number, i.e., in accordance wiih our promise the usual eight pages had been increased to sixteen pages.

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