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devoted exclusively to Magic and Magicians

This Magazine contains all the latest Tricks, News, etc. Profusely illustrated.

The SPHINX, 282 Michigan Ave., Chicago. ILL.

REAT FLAG PRODUCTION, Beautifully made plated staff, 60 inches long, complete with flag. No conjuror should be without them. Price T5/6 Splendid effect. Heriot, 33 Hartley Street, Oldham,

Rice Bowls, performed Palace Theatre, 5/- free ; One hand Colour Changing Fake, best 2/9; One hand Colour Changing Fake, and "ChangeOver" combined. 3/9 ; Stanyon Aerial Handkerchief Fake (clever) 2/6; Brass False Finger. 3,3: " Spider," 3/-; Palm Shield for production of six, 2/9; Soup Plate Vanisher (best model) 2/9; Paragon Vanisher and Producer, 2/9; Finger Shells, 2/3; American Finger, 3/-; Brass Production Balls, 2/9 ; Ribbons from finger tips apparatus, 2/6; Bouquet from Hands apparatus, 3/9 ; cash only.—C. King, 54a Wells Street, Oxford Street, W.

CURIOUS TRICKS.—How to take off any man's shirt without removing his coat or waistcoat; this is practical, and would make sensation ; secret, 2/-. Malini's Great Button Trick. Performer bites button completely off spectator's coat and exhibits it away from coat. Button is instantly restored to coat, which is finally left uninjured. Latest and best impromptu trick to impress managers and agents, secret only 2/-. The Four Ace Trick where you actually show an ace at bottom of each heap on table, no duplicates, secret 2/-; the three secrets, 5/-; cash only.—B. Harvey, 12 Park Road, Upper Baker Street, W.


We have now ready on hand the First Three Volumes of" Magic," neatly bound in Dark

Stiff Cloth and lettered gilt. 22/6 The 3 vols, bound as above, 22/6. Orders to Office of " Magic."

Tj ARE BOOKS FOR SALE —" Remarkable Delusions," 192 pp., 2/9. "Magic and Pretended Miracles," 192 pp., 2/9. "Playground of Science" (Stephen) all table experiments, 106 pp., rare, 2/3. "Endless Amusement" (about 1S14), 2/9. Hooper's " Recreations " (1794), 3 vols, all folding copper plates, excellent preservation, 12/6; " Memoirs of Houdin," translated by Wraxall, 1860,« 3/9. Gale's "Recreations," 1800, with copper plates, perfect condition, 7/6: Beckmann's " History of Inventions" (2 vols.), complete, 1846, engraving oi author on steel, calf library backs, perfect, 15/-. (All omitted from last month are sold). Cash returned at once if sold. No cards or exchange.—Steven-Snow, 65 Long Acre, W.C.__________ ' ;________

Prices respectively 8/6, 7/6 and 6/6.

Only very few complete sets left. No reprint. Order at once to secure.


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