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He is to hold the Pendulum over the various pieces of card, and determine which ones bring forth the most action from the Pendulum, just like the performer had done before. The four pieces that cause the most action are to be placed by the assistant into the coin envelope that you had dumped the torn quarters out of when the experiment began, without turning them over as they are located.

After the last quarter is decided upon and put in the envelope, it is sealed and placed aside. The remaining quarters left on the table are now all turned over one by one and they are seen to be all blank. The performer then cuts the envelope open and dumps out the contents, which prove to be the four quarters of the card with your name written across it!

Method: Needed are blank business cards, a double envelope and a Pendulum.

Tear five cards into quarters and place them aside. Mark a few more cards in the corners by either trimming the corners, or fraying them a bit.

Write your name across a card and tear it into quarters. Place these quarters into the back part of the double envelope. Put the torn quarters and the marked cards in the front part, and you are ready.

After your opening remarks, you propose something even more interesting. Pour out the torn quarters, but pretend to be concerned that no one sees the bottom sides of the spread out torn quarters.

Have your subject take one of the business cards, making sure it is one of those you have marked by very slight corner trimming, fraying the corners, or whatever method you feel safe with. You can use four different marking methods, since you have four corners to locate. In an off hand manner, tell him to sign his name across the face and tear it into four pieces.

(In all the tearing, yours, and your direction of his, keep the four quarters as nearly alike as possible by even tearing. Point out that if he does not tear his card as neatly and squarely as you did, it will be very evident when the pieces lie side by side.)

Then without turning any pieces over, his four are to be mixed with the other spread out torn quarters. You then locate the subject's quarters by the markings on the corners. Believe it or not, they don't catch on if you play it as though you were just showing what you want done. The four quarters picked out by the subject are placed in the double envelope and sealed. (Have them placed in the envelope as a seeming after-thought to insure their not being seen - to prevent any "funny business.") ^

Now the remaining quarters are turned over and then finally, the double envelope is cut open so the pre-loaded quarter cards with your name on come sliding out. "He's a psychic!"

This effect combines two classic effects, "The Crystal Locket" by Dr.Jaksand "Birds of a Feather" by Corinda.

As you can see, any effect in which a spectator is the one who is to correctly find or locate an item, such as a Seven Keys to Baldplate, or i Bank Nite effect, can use the idea of the performer first accomplishing the task, as if a demonstration of exacatly what the assistant is to do, and then having the assistant do it. just as in the above routine.

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