Well, this book lias just left my Itands to he printed. Oi" course, it's a relief to know that it's completed, but now that it's too late to do anything about it, one always gets the feeling that something important has been left out, oi has not been made clear enough, altho I must have proofread the manuscript a hundred times.

Enough of my ravings. Let me try and explain what 1 have attempted to do in this book. First, and most importantly, is that I do sincerely believe in many of the known Psychic Phenomenon and that thought reading is possible. With practice and desire, one's intuition and subliminal intake can do some quite amazing things. Because of this, 1 feel that a mental effect should attempt to duplicate the real thing as closely as possible. I have tried to do that in this book. The tone of the effects is basically serious, and their presentations are designed to be 3S straight to the point as 1 could possibly make them, while still being flexible enough for most Mentalist's needs and presentational style.

I don't remember where I had read this, but I feel quite strongly in its truth. You don't want people to say, "Mow did he do that?," but rather "He really does that well, doesn't he?," implying that they feel that what they have seen is the real tiling, instead of a group of thinly disguised conjuring tricks that have a mental flavor.

I've also attempted to make all the material in this book as practical as is possible to perform. There is nothing to construct, very little pre show set up, litt-le worry about angles, and it's all totally one man material. No codes, no stooges, and nearly half of the material can be performed totally impromptu.

Another goal I had in mind was to make each effect as easy as possible to accomplish, yet not blatant or too outrageous in method.

I hope-that you will agree this book at least came close to the above mentioned goals, and that you will get as much pleasure as 1 have had from the effects in it.

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