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Here is an easy to do, totally impromptu test with cards that appears impossible to those who are looking for trickery. No sleights, no gimmicks, and no set up make this effect a favorite of mine.

Effect: A deck of cards is borrowed and then handed out to be shuffled. While this is happening, the performer explains that each and every person alive has distinctive "vibrations,, eminating from their bodies, and that these 'vibs" may be detected by someone who is well versed and practiced in the art of Psychometry. In an attempt to demonstrate the point, the performer asks a spectator to choose any card, from any part of the deck. They are to look at the card and then hold it between their palms for a few seconds, in order to "charge" the card with their "vibs."

After the card is "charged," it is to be placed back on top of the deck, which is then to be cut and shuffled by the spectator until he, or she, is satisfied that the deck is well mixed and that the location of the "charged" card is unknown to anyone.

The performer retrieves the deck and then ribbon spreads it to face up on the table or other flat surface, so that all the indexes are visible to all. The spectator is now directed to push out any five cards from different parts of the ribbon spread deck. Whether or not the chosen card is to be among them is up to the spectator.

The performer slowly moves his hand over the first five cards that were pushed out of the spread by the spectator. He explains that if the "charged" card is one of the five, he should be able to sense it. If the performer doesn't sense the "charged" card in the first group of five cards, the performer asks that five new cards, from different portions of the deck, be pushed out again. As before, whether or not the "charged" card is among the five pushed out is up to the spectator. Again the performer's hand moves over the new five cards. If the performer doesn't sense the charged card, five more cards will be pushed out of tin spread to be tested and so on until either the card has been located i there are only about five cards left to be tested. But while testing one ■■I the groups of five, I he performer's hand seems to be drawn to one i the cards. When asked if that card is the same one that was "charg-i-il" with the spectator's "vibs," the answer is, of course. Yes!

II desirable, a short Psychometry reading is done as the performer

Method: All that needs to be done to accomplish diis impromptu test is tu glimpse the bottom card of the deck after its initial mixing.

When the chosen card is returned to the deck, it is to be placed on the top of the deck. Have the deck cut, which will place the chosen card underneath the glimpsed key card, and then let the spectator shuffle iIh- deck several times to convince everyone that the card must be lost. In reality, several overhand and riffle shuffles will only separate the . htisen card from the key card by several cards at the most.

When the spectator pushes out the five cards at a time, you watch for when a card is removed from close to and to the right of the glimpsed key card. This will be, in almost every case, the card that was chosen by the spectator.

II you are able to Cold Read, or give a Psychological Reading,do so as you seem to be drawn to their card. If the slim chance of failure bothers your soul, you can vary the effect slightly to make it almost totally sure in execution. Instead of having groups of five cards pushed hi . request that any ten cards be pushed out, and that the chosen card i. to be one of die ten. Although slighdy less impressive than the original effect, you should always know which of the ten cards is the hosen one by its location near the key card.

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