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Here is an effect that can be done under almost any conditions, and is different than most mental items. Its ease in open lion all out of proportion to the effect it engenders from those watcliing it.

Effect: The performer asks if someone with a fair amount of change in their pocket, or purse, would assist in an experiment concerning the prediction of future events.

The person is asked to dump all the change out on a table, while the performer is seen to be writing something on a piece of paper. At no time has the performer gone anywhere near the change, yet he states the piece of paper now has a prediction written on it which directly concerns the change and its owner.

The performer requests that the assistant pick up all the change, hold it between cupped hands, and then give the coins a good shake, mixing them up beyond anybody's control. The change is then to be dumped on the table and the assistant is directed to push each, and every coin which has its "Heads" side up aside to a corner of the table. When the assistant states that all of the "Heads" have been pushed aside, the performer directs the assistant to pick up the remaining "Tails" up coins and repeal the shaking process. Again, whichever coins are now "Heads" up are to be pushed off to the side. This process is to be continued until there is only one coin left that is "Tails" up.

The performer asks that the assistant turn the final coin "Heads" side up and then read off its date out loud. Upon hearing it, the performer smiles and is obviously pleased, although he tries to remain controlled. He then pushes all the coins back to the assistant, asking that he start the shaking process again. While this is happening, the performer is seen to be writing another prediction. The assistant is then directed to repeat the process of elimination again, only this time all the coins that end up with their "Tails" side upmost are the ones to be pushed off to the comer.

Shortly, only one coin is left "Heads" up and the assistant is asked to call out the date out loud so that all present can hear it. The assistant is then asked to open up your predictions and read them both out loud. You have correctly predicted not only what type of coin would be the last "Tails" up coin, and its date, but also the last "Heads" up coin and its date also!

Method: All that is needed for this experiment is a double-headed coin. Have the assistant come up and dump out the change. If for some reason there are no coins, or even only one or two of the type that matches your double header, just ask that another person come up, and mix in some more change.

Have the shaking process start as you write out your first prediction. On this prediction you write, "the last 'Heads' up coin will be a - - - -(whatever type your double header is) and its date will be - - - -(the date on your double header.) Place this prediction down in full view so you can't be accused of cheating, and have the eliminations begin. When all the "Heads" have been pushed off to the side, have the date on the last "Tails" up coin read out loud. Smile satisfactorily and then, as you push the coins back to the assistant, you slip in the double header coin.

Have the shaking process start anew, while you write your second prediction. Of course, in the time honored tradition of the "One Ahead" technique, your second prediction reads, "The last 'Tails' up coin will be a----(whatever was left the first time) and its date will be

" (whatever date was read off the first time.) As you realize, the last "Heads" up coin must be your double header, so you just can't lose.

As the predictions are being read off, you will have plenty of chance to slip out your double header, ready to stun another group of people.

1 first saw this effcct done in this manner. A person brought up his change, but instead of any "One Ahead," the double headed coin had to be slipped in right at the beginning of the effect, a bad time to my way of thinking, and only the last "Heads" up coin was the one to be predicted. To be honest. 1 must admit it fooled the hell out of me, but after learning the secret, and performing it several times, I noticed a few weak spots. I didn't want it remembered that I touched the coins. Also I wanted to lead those watching away from even the thought of a double headed coin, and I also wished to make the effect a bit more impressive.

The "One Ahead" did all of this for mc. First of all. both "Heads" and "Tails" are predicted, making the effect more logical and a bit more impressive.

Secondly, you go nowhere near the coins until the second part of the routine, but the psychological touch that I'm most proud of is that when the last remaining "Tails" up coin's date is to be read off, you state out loud, "Would you please turn the last coin "Heads" up. so that you may read off the date of the coin." The perfect smoke screen for the later use of a double headed coin.

^ card reading

This is a beautiful routine for a short reading that may be put to good use by a novice, or even an experienced reader. Combining legitimate and magical methods make for a strong effect. Of course, if you prefer, or in a pinch, a regular deck of cards may be used for the reading rather than a Tarot deck.

Effect: A deck of Tarot cards is shuffled and mixed by the person who is about to receive a reading.

After the shuffling is completed the Reader briefly shows the cards face up, explaining a few of the cards and the types of things that they might mean. Then placing the deck in front of the Sitter, the Reader asks that the Sitter cut off a small group of cards and then replace the group face up on the top of the remaining cards. The Sitter is then asked to cut the deck once again, only this time the cut is to be a bit deeper than before and, as was done the first time, they are to turn the cut off group over and replace it face up on the deck. This leaves the deck with a small group of cards pointed face up on the top of it.

The reading then starts by the Reader interpreting the top face up card on the deck. This card is then removed off the top and the reader continues with the next card, now face up on top.

The reading continues until all of the face up cards have been interpreted and then woven into a story.

The Reader explains that the now top face down card, after the face up ones have been read, is of the greatest import for the Sitter's future, the card that means the most of them all. The Sitter then turns the top card of the deck face up. ft is a card that seems, beyond chance, to be a positive, direct and hopeful answer to all the Sitter's fears!

Method: As many of you reading this will have realized this is the well known "Cut Deeper" force created by Henry Christ. If you know the identity of the top card of a deck, it may be effortlessly forced by first cutting the deck .and turning the cut off group face up on the deck, and then repeating the process, only the second cut must be deeper tlian the first cut was. The first face down card from the top of the deck is the same card that was originally on top of the deck to start with.

When getting ready for the reading,attempt to find out what is concerning the Sitter. If you are able to discern the problem, decide which card would symbolize the best possible outcome for this person. When briefly showing the cards, spot the card and simply cut it to the top of the deck. If you don't detect any particular problem,just bring any one of the cards that you feel would encourage, and make the Sitter pleased, to the top of the deck to be forced.

Give a reading as you normally would, by interpreting the face up group of cards, after the "Cut Deeper" force has assured the Sitter a happy ending.

If this handling doesn't appeal to you, here is a slightly different presentation using the same method. Before the reading starts, the Reader hands a sealed envelope to the Sitter. After the face up cards have been read, the Sitter opens the envelope and reads its contents, which would go sometliing like:

"Today in meditation I saw a troubled person coming to me for a reading. Although this person fears the worst, I see the tarot card----

in my vision, which would indicate almost nothing but good fortune in the future." Of course the card mentioned in the "prediction" would be forced, as before, by the "Cut Deeper" force.

1 always liked the concept of the "Cut Deeper" force, but its handling never really made sense to me, but in this guise it all does make sense, particularly having the face up cards on top of the deck leading up to revealing the top face down card.

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