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Here is one of my variations of a time honored effect. Many different principles have been applied to accomplish this miracle with cards, but 1 believe this method will find some fans who found faults with the set up deck methods.

Effect: A deck of cards is borrowed and thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. Several spectators, anywhere up to six would be alright, are asked to help in this experiment in thought projection.

The performer takes the deck, hands five cards to each spectator, and then he places the remaining cards aside. Each spectator is then asked to mentally choose any one of the five cards that they are holding, and to concentrate on its identity.

Each spectator then shuffles his cards back into the deck, assuring that no one could possibly know the location of any of the cards. The entire deck may then be shuffled by whomever wishes to. The performer now cuts about ten cards off the top of the dcck.and then he fans them so that all may see the cards. The spectators are then asked if anyone of them sees their chosen'card amongst the fanned cards. If one, or more, of the spectators say yes, the performer immediately can tell them the identity of the card that they're concentrating on!

This ten card process is continued until all of the mentally chosen cards liave been correctly identified by the performer!

Method: By the use of a thumb writer you can mark each five card group differently, so that you may easily identify each spectators' card from the other's.

When the deck is given to you, hold it in your left hand as you normally would for dealing.

As you deal off five cards for the first spectator, lightly rest the thumb writer near the top of the left hand edge of the deck. As each card is dealt off the top, it will receive a faint pencil marking.

The performer "s view of the marking procedure, as a card is being dealt. The right hand has been omitted fcr clarity.

As you deal off the second group of five cards, lower the thumb writer about a half an inch, so as to mark them differently from the first group of cards.

For each group of five cards, lower the thumb writer so that each group is marked differently.

All that remains is for each person to shuffle his, or her, cards back into the deck. Try to have each person shuffle well, in order tu help spread their cards throughout the deck.

When you fan each group of ten cards, if any of the spectators state that they do see their chosen card, just look for the card with the proper pencil mark on its back. Most of the time only one card will have the proper mark on it, so it must be that person's mentally chosen card. If there is more than one card from his original set of five cards, a little judicious pumping will tell you which one is correct. Continue the ten card fanning process until all the spectators' cards have been correctly identified.

A one spectator version is also quite simple. Have a deck shuffled and then handed to you. Deal approximately five cards face down on 3 table without you looking at the faces. The thumb writer is, of course, marking the first group of cards. Ask the spectator if he has picked one yet. If he says yes,just have him shuffle the dealt off cards back into the deck.

If he hasn't picked a card out of the first group, deal another group of about five cards, marking them differently from the first group of cards.

Ask again if he's chosen one. If not continue with another group of cards, marking them differently from the first two groups. This process is continued until he states he has a card in mind. Have him shuffle the deck and then return it to you. Fan ten cards out and ask if he sees his card. If yes, just look for the proper group markings. If no, put those cards aside and fan out ten more cards. Again, most of the time only one card will have the proper markings, but a little pumping will help if there happens to be more than one card of the proper grouping visible to the spectator.

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