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Blackjack dealers, when dealing from the hand as in large money private games, often use a peculiar dealing action which is almost unique just to them. With the kind of money involved in games of this nature it was only a matter of time before the cheats and hustlers came up with a second deal to duplicate this dealing action. It is this very specialised second that we are to study here. It also makes a fine demonstration second for gambling expose lectures.

Stage 1 - The Left And Right Hand Actions

The hand actions for this deal are completely different to our other Push Off Deals so study them carefully.

The hands start as in figure 107. As the left thumb pushes off two cards the hands start to swing together. This swinging action is shown in figure 108. Note how the left hand is starting to cock inwards at the wrist. This inward cocking, and later outward cocking out of the left wrist are essential to learn smoothly if the deal is to be fully deceptive.

The hands meet as in figure 109. Now although the take will as ever be by the right second finger, the first finger helping to provide cover (or 'shade' as a gambler would term it), the right thumb will not come into the action until much later (much later in this case meaning about a third of a second !).

As the left hand pauses for the merest fraction of a second at the limit of its inward swing the right second fingure cocks the two pushed of cards, as one, against the left thumb as in figure 110. As the double hits the left thumb the left hand should be just starting to swing outwards to its start position.

Stage 2 - The Take

Pressure is the key point to the take on this deal. The right second finger starts to push back on the two pushed off cards and, as the left hand continues to move outwards, the left thumb pulls back the top card as in figure 111. The right second finger, using the left thumb as a pivot, is pulling back the second dealt card in a clockwise direction as the deck twists away in an anticlockwise direction. As the card starts to clear the deck the right first finger comes to rest on the card and the right thumb rides underneath it as in figure 112. The right wrist now starts to revolve turning the card upwards. This exact moment is caught in figure 113. If you are familiar with Derek Dingle's double lift then you can see that this is actually a similar turning action to that move.

The right hand continues to turn the card up as in figure 114. The right first finger comes around to the face of the card, clipping it, as in figure 115 so that it can now be scaled across your working surface.


If you have carefully studied the fine points of this deal then you can see that the hand motions are very tight to each other. At first you will find it hard to turn that second card without a disasterous give away snap as it flicks off the top card of the deck moving away. It is important not to increase your left hand action to compensate for this. You just have to fine tune your turning action and timing. It is a difficult motion to get absolutely correct but if you've you've worked thus far through the deals then hard work is something that is not a total stranger to you !

It is very easy to fall into the trap of necktying the deck during this deal. Now although the top of the deck does tilt VERY SLIGHTLY towards you during this action it DOES NOT tilt out of sight. The slight tilt of the deck is a totally natural action caused by the pressure from the right second finger. It is very important to minimise this tilt as much as you possibly can. The smaller it is the more deceptive the deal will be.

Dealing Tops

Although learning to deal a top in an identical manner to your second is not the easiest thing in the world to do the sounds are all built into the deal for you. Once you learn to deal a top in just the same manner as your second you will find that because of the scraping action of the left edge of the card against the deck ... the two deals, especially with your nice loose action, will automatically sound the same. It's nice to know that some things about second dealing do come easier than others !

Scaling Details For The Specialist Blackjack Stud Push Off

Because of the revolving motion of the card from the back of the deck the finger adjustment of the card to a scaling position is not as hard as during previous deals. It must still be given good time practise though to become smooth and unconcious.

You may be tempted to try to hop your first finger around early in the turn. Not only is this not needed but by doing so you will also be failing to duplicate the actual way Blackjack dealers deal ! They turn the card, give a pause to allow the card to be seen, then clip the card to scale it to the player. On a small table it the card can of course just be taken and laid in front of the player.

But it must be stressed that the right thumb must start the turn to make the deal look natural. It is very tempting just to grip the revolved back card between the first and second fingers straight away. This may he easier to learn but will lead to the deal being less than perfect in its action. It is tiny points that make the difference between a professional and an amateur deal. I assume that you want your deal to be as perfect as possible if you have read this far so don't start slacking !!

If you haven't played a lot of Blackjack in private games then this deal may look odd to you. You'll just have to take my word for it that this is the EXACT way that dealers worldwide, both professional and amateur, cheat and non cheat, will deal the game. As I said at the start this is a super demonstration deal ... not just because the deal itself is superb if executed well but you can also explain why the deal came about thus showing real game knowledge. In a gambling demonstration it is important to know the 'why' as well as the move itself.

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