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Other second deals have been described in various magic books. Amongst these would be the New Era and Chinese Second Deals described in the Vernon Inner Secrets books, the Le Paul Second Deal from The Card Magic Of Paul Le Paul, and others. There are a number of reasons that these, and other deals, have not been included here. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, these are are amongst the very few deals which already have perfectly adequate descriptions in print. Secondly this book is dedicated to deals that are actually used on gambling tables. I have personally seen EVERY deal in this book used by cheats and hustlers at one time or another. I have also limited myself (if you can call over fifteen different deals limited !) to deals that I actually use in both my magical and gambling expose work. That way if you ever see me I'll be able to show you the deal in action. I really don't believe in writing descriptions of things that I can't do. By doing that you would only get a second hand version of a move ... by describing deals that not only can I do but actually use I can give you every tiny point of the execution.

If you really get into your second dealing and wish to study others then look for the books mentioned above plus The Magic Of Derek Dingle, The Phantom At The Card Table and Expert Card Technique where you will see more writing on the subject. I cannot help to, somewhat immodestly, add that I personally feel that you have within these pages descriptions of the BEST second deals that there are. If you learn just a couple of them you'll be right up there with the big boys.

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