The Nonverbal Examination Incoming The Body Language of Patients as People

• Body-language of the most effective diagnosticians

• Nonverbal psychology of meetings and interviews

• Neurology and physiology of body-language cues

• A sign for all seasons: erythema nodosum

• Nonverbal cues of patient depression

• A patient's skin speaks

• Decoding signs of disagreement and unvoiced opposition in the interview

• The most visible signs of alcoholism

• Nonverbal cues of patient response: faces and postures

• Specific cues to use to recognize patient evasions and resistance

• How to monitor patient feedback and response

• Four involuntary signs of unvoiced agreement

• Special mention: observing the lips and hands

• Three "high-yield" cues of uncertainty

• Nonverbal moods and feelings in the younger patient

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