Phase One How to Attract Attention

• Nonverbal communication in the Decade of the Brain

• The nonverbal psychology of courtship

• Nonverbal skills to show gender, presence, and "harmlessness"

• Emotional aspects of the male-female relationship

Checklist of nonverbal skills and content areas to be mastered

Your own personal repertoire of body-language cues

Sending aroma, clothing, and color cues

Courtship's most productive clothing cues

Three ways to break the innate stranger barrier

How to quickly and substantially sharpen your observation skills

The most compelling body-movements and postures of attraction

Use the palm-up gesture to establish rapport

What men see

How and what women see

Men, show your wrists

Women, show your arms

Two telling signs of hidden uncertainty

A specific pattern of eye contact to reduce threat and build rapport

An advantage of asymmetry in hairstyle and dress

Emotional benefits of aiming, flexing, and shrugging your shoulders

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