Moods: Unpleasant, exciting, disturbed, distressed, upset, defiant, contrary, hostile, stimulating. Symbolic Meanings: Sun, fruitfulness, harvest, thoughtfulness.

Aviation. Commercial aircraft voice recorders (i.e., "black boxes") are painted orange to be more visible to searching human eyes.

Interior design. "In another factory, employees were in the habit of standing around a drinking fountain and visiting. When the soft green walls of the area were repainted vivid orange, workers took a drink and left" (Vargas 1986:153).

Media. The 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange, features disturbed, hostile meaning of orangeness. PURPLE

Moods: Depressed, sad, dignified, stately.

Symbolic Meanings: Wisdom, victory, pomp, wealth, humility, tragedy.

Media. Films such as The Purple Heart (1944) and The Color Purple (1985) feature the tragic meaning of purple.

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