Courtroom Signs outgoing Make Your Argument Convincing Credible Memorable

Principles of nonverbal learning in the litigation process

How jurors think and feel apart from spoken words Master the entirety of courtroom space

Nonverbal techniques that lock your argument in verbal memory Physical approach to reclaim juror attention Body language addressing your opponent's psyche Nonverbal signs to mark your cross Positive demeanor dominates a hostile witness Gestures that target emotion centers of the brain While your opponent cross-examines, steeple Clothing fosters credibility in court (special mention: your shoes) Hark to your tone of voice When to touch the jury railing Should you invade your opponent's personal space? Mark your oral argument's verbal structure with body movements

Copyright © 1998 - 2002 (David B. Givens/Center for Nonverbal Studies) Detail of photo by Dan Weiner (Copyright Fortune)

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