Product Speak: The Silent Language of Consumer Goods (Click here for details)

(From beach wear to vehicular grille.)

Everyone loved your paper, Dave. And so did I. --Kenneth C. Erickson, Ph.D., Director, Center for Ethnographic Research, University of Missouri at Kansas City

Your presentation was fabulous. --Susan N. Skomal, Ph.D., Managing Editor, Anthropology News, American Anthropological Association

I've heard from a number of members who found the topic useful, and your examples fascinating. It was great to kick off our season with such a strong program! --Stephanie Cates, President, Spokane Public Relations Council

Interrogation and the Interview: Nonverbal Agendas for Law Enforcement

(See beneath words, detect deception.)

Thank you, again, for your wonderful and informative presentation. --Frank Simonson, Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

I am enrolling in some anthropology classes at U of Tennessee in the evening. This is a direct result of my meeting you and the very pleasant seminar that I put on with you at Hilton Head. --J. D. Lee, Law Offices of J. D. Lee, Knoxville

I really enjoyed talking with you and learning from you. It was a great class! --Nick Flint, CEO, Behavior Analysis Training Institute

Between the Words: Counseling's New Nonverbal Agenda

(Decipher emotions hidden in speech. Sponsored by the Washington State University Counseling Services, the University of Idaho Student Counseling Center, the Palouse Area Continuing Education Committee, and the Gritman Medical Center.)

Thanks for your interesting presentation. All that I talked to felt that it was interesting and quite helpful. --James D. Morris, Director, University of Idaho Student Counseling Center

"What was most valuable for you?" All of it, particularly Dr. Givens' experiences which backed up his info. --Anonymous evaluation, December 1, 2000

Discussion of the Nonverbal Body was fascinating! --Anonymous evaluation, December 1, 2000 All areas were helpful. --Anonymous evaluation, December 1, 2000

Some very practical information was presented. --Anonymous evaluation, December 1, 2000

I'm looking forward to observing these nonverbals in my clients next week. It's valuable knowing what to look for. -Anonymous evaluation, December 1, 2000

This was great. Thanks! --Anonymous evaluation, December 1, 2000 I enjoyed it--thanks!! --Anonymous evaluation, December 1, 2000

Face-tO-Face: The Nonverbal Basis of Rapport

(Determine what clients really think and feel.)

Instructors knowledge and confidence in what he was talking about was a great help. Course was one of the best I've ever had. (Really!).

A really superb, mind-expanding course. Thank you! --Anonymous evaluations for David Givens' course in nonverbal communication, U. of Washington

Your Nonverbals are Showing: Is What I Say What I Mean?

(Enhance your public persona.)

Several of the judges indicated that the videotape exercise was the highlight of the orientation program Looking forward to working with you again. --Esther L. Bauman, Manager, Education and Training, Office of the Administrator for the Courts, State of Washington

I want to tell you how grateful we are for your assistance with the article on this fascinating subject [body language]. We always appreciate it when people take the time to contribute to what we believe is an excellent educational resource. -Nicholas V. Kilzer, World Book Publishing

Drew McGougan called to tell me how much they got out of your talk to the Kiwanis--they thoroughly enjoyed it. Usually http://members.aol.com/nonverbal3/seminar1.htm (4 of 5) [27/04/02 06:02:45]

he waits for me to call to ask for a report on our speaker, but this time he called me. --Polly Clark, Manager, U. of Washington Speakers Bureau, Seattle

Q Search: Establishing Viable Rapport Across Continents

(Sponsored by The Marketing Institute and The Institute for International Research. Learn to send, receive, and decode universal signs of emotion.)

The content ofthis seminar was great! --Leslie Hasbrook, Kraft Foods

Super! Extremely valuable. Very Useful! --Eric Hansen, Director, Marketing Information, Sargento Foods, Inc.

We are always striving to get our customers to think "outside-the-box"--you gave me the "tools" to move respondents in new directions. --Robin Belsky, NOP Healthcare-ACG

Body Language Mastery

Body Language Mastery

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