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. School graduations are "all basically the same because rituals are supposed to be the same. And, despite the torrents of words uttered at them, they are, Givens says, basically nonverbal ceremonies." (Peter Carlson, "Class of '97, Are You Listening?", B1, Washington Post, June 6, 1997)

9. "'Tilting your head or lifting your shoulders are classic shy or submissive cues that give the wrong message when you're trying to promote an idea,' says Dr. Givens." (Lauren Picker, "Posture, Please!", pp. 123-25, Self, February 1996)

8. "Anthropologist David Givens says: 'Primates are very quick to spot defects. Television is particularly good at addressing our amphibious midbrains with this information.'" (Henry Allen, "Primate Debate," C1, Washington Post, October 5, 1996)

7. "A second nonverbal message in this earliest stage is 'I am harmless,' Dr. Givens has found. The gestures and postures humans use to send this message are shared with other mammals, particularly primates. Charles Darwin, who noted the same gestures in his [1872] book, The Expression ofthe Emotions in Man and Animals," called them 'submissive displays.'" (Daniel Goleman, "For Man and Beast, Language of Love Shares Many Traits," C1, New York Times, February 14, 1995)

6. "The flair of the lapels and the length of the jacket serve the same function as the gorilla's posture-

making the shoulders and chest look as big as possible—and the color adds to the effect. 'Black makes you seem mysterious and unapproachable,' Givens says. 'It's the equivalent of putting on sunglasses.'" (John Tierney, "The Big City: Color Blind," pp. 32, 34, New York Times Magazine, September 18, 1994)

5. "Dressing like your colleagues and neighbors dress 'reflects a deep reptilian behavior principle called "isopraxism,"' says the research anthropologist David B. Givens." (Anne H. Soukhanov, "Word Watch," p. 135, Atlantic Monthly, October 1993)

4. "'Modern technology is fragile,' says Givens. 'Low-tech, like granite monoliths, will last.'" (Linda Marsa, "Bomb Shelter: Warning the Future of Our Lasting Nuclear Legacy," p. 20, Omni, July 1993)

3. "Washington, D.C. research anthropologist David Givens--an expert on nonverbal communication-says distinctive dress styles within Washington's diverse subcultures and locales do exist, though they can be subtle." (Susan Gervasi, "Dressing for the Mall," B5, Washington Post, May 10, 1993)

2. "The contrast between the two is so great, said research anthropologist David Givens, that if Bush were not the Leader of the Free World, but simply a primate under study in a behavioral experiment, 'one of the things I would look for is to see if the animal had been drugged--given speed and amphetamines in one case or a depressant like Valium in the other." (Lloyd Grove, "George of the Jungle?", E1, Washington Post, January 28, 1992)

1. "SEATTLE (UPI)--The lives of people 10,000 years in the future may depend on whether they can understand an enduring message left by anthropologist David Givens." ("Marker May Warn Future Generations," I-C 7, Los Angeles Times, November 22, 1981)

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