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"Exploring Our Nonverbal World"

Please Click Here for Full-Text News Stories Media citing CNS-staff ideas and research on nonverbal communication include:

"The Hit or Myth of Love at First Sight," U.S. Airways Attaché Magazine (cover story, Feb 2002); "Want People to Really Listen to You?" 58, 60-1 Redbook (Feb 2002); "How the Stars Met: Are They Romantic?" Special (Feature, Jan 22 2002); "Cracking the Code," San Francisco Examiner (Jan 15 2002); "A Bump and No Shake," New York Times (Style section, Nov 25 2001); "Turning Off that Cough Isn't So Simple," E1 Spokesman-Review (Oct 13 2001); "SUPREME COURT, STATE OF COLORADO, Certiorari to the Colorado Court of Appeals, Court of Appeals No. 97CA1665, Case No. 99SC513, JUDGMENT REVERSED," Colorado Bar Association, (published opinion of a Colorado Supreme Court judgement on relevance of videotaped nonverbal testimony in a murder case; Sep 10 2001); "Flirt with Finesse," (Sep 7 2001); "Face Links," The Learning Channel Miniseries on The Human Face (9 pm ET/PT, Aug 26 2001); "Attending Friend's Wedding Alone Best Way to Meet People of Opposite Sex," Herald-Sun (Aug 22 2001; winner of Best of Press Award by; "What's Online," Houston Chronicle (Jun 19 2001); "Scientifically Speaking, Golf Enjoys Link to Prehistoric Man," Columbus Dispatch (Jun 3 2001); "Read My Hips," 76, 80, 82 Seventeen (Apr 2001); "What's in These Star Couples' Body Language," 35 Twist (Apr 2001); "Love at First Sight," 9D USA Today (Feb 14 2001, cover billing); "Men 'Don't Get' Flirting," Herald-Sun (Feb 13 2001); "Fade to Greige," London Review ofBooks (Jan 14 2001); How to Read a Man or a Woman Like a Book!, 47-57 Globe Mini Mag 346 (2001); "Can Power Transcend Knotted Silk?", New York Times ("The Big City" column, Dec 1 2000); "Body Speak: What are You Saying," 51 Successful Meetings magazine (Oct 2000); "Grin and Bare it," Boston Globe Magazine (Sep 11 2000); "Louder Than Words: Reading Body Language," (Aug 25 2000); "Some Gestures for the Road," Street, Knight-Ridder New Media's Reality Chick (Aug 25 2000); "Let's Face it: Amateur Actors Mug for the Camera to Demonstrate the Power of a Look," Fresno Bee (Aug 20 2000); "Attraction Advantage," (Jul 2000); "News You Can Use," 70-1 U.S. News & World Report (Jun 26 2000); "The Anthropology of Flirting [by Josh Fischman]," (Jun 2000); "Heroic Explanations," 90 Men's Health (May 2000); "Strong Language: One's Body Motions Speak Volumes to Others," F1, F8 Spokesman-Review (Apr 9 2000); "Bodytalk," New Scientist (Apr 8 2000); "Net Gives Singles a Screening Room," New York Times (Apr 5 2000); "When Two Click: Net Gives Singles Screening Room," Boston Globe (Apr 5 2000); "The Art of Flirting: What's Your Body Saying?" (Mar 21 2000; College Press Network); interview for NBC Nightly News (Feb 14 2000); "Is a Wedding Ring for Always?", The Sun Chronicle

(Feb 14 2000); "Havanas in the News," F7 Spokesman-Review (Feb 13 2000); "How do I Love Thee? Let Me Check the Web," San Francisco Examiner (Feb 12 2000); "Why We Fall in Love: It May be a Many-Splendored Thing, But Romance Relies on Stone Age Rules to Get Started," 42-8 U.S. News & World Report Cover Story (Feb 7 2000); "How to Make Your Sweetheart Your Valentine," Huntsville Times (Feb 6 2000); "How Deep Go the Roots of that Fast-Food Icon, the Big Mac?" Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (Feb 3 2000); "Kiss and Tell: The Art of Giving a Great Smooch," The Senses online magazine, (Feb 2000); "Why Things Are: Millennium's Cosmic Mysteries," F1 Washington Post (Jan 2 2000); "Grilles in the Mist," 23 Anthropology News (Jan 2000); "How to Read Her Body Language," Maxim (Jan 2000); "5 Clues . . .," 178, 180 Cosmopolitan (Dec 99); "The Shape of Sociability," T16 Washington Post (Oct 7 99); "Keep Your Distance," The Guardian (UK; Sep 14 99); "Good Fences Do Make Good Neighbors," Los Angeles Times News Service, in Staten Island Advance (Aug 12 99); "When Familiarity Breeds Contempt," Florida Times-Union (Jul 8 99); "Building Friendly Fence Common in the U.S.," Chicago Sun-Times (Jul 4 99); "Do Fence Me In," Sun Chronicle (Jun 28 99); "Some Neighbors Want to be Fenced In," Seattle Times (Jun 12 99); "Get Outta My Face! The Science and Secrets of Personal Space," H01 Washington Post (Jun 9 99); "Strange But True," Cincinnati Enquirer (Apr 23 1999); "The Mysteries of Sex . . . Explained!" 112-19 Men's Health (Apr 99); "Waving Road Rage Goodbye: Using Body Language to Defuse Violence," (Mar 30 99); "I'll Show You How: The Bowing Thumb Wiggle," Dr. Dean Edell's (Mar 17 99); "Inventing a Hand Signal to Offset the Classic Gesture of Road Rage," New York Times (Mar 15 99); the Clinton-Lewinsky gift exchange, Newark Star-Ledger (Feb 99); "Flirting Fascination," 36-41, 64-65, 67, 69-70 Psychology Today (Feb 99); Body Talk!, 46-56 Globe Mini Mag 315 (98); "Stand Up Straight: How Posture Empowers," 178-81 Glamour (Jul 98); "Viagra Stirs Our Urges for Beauty, Virility," FYI 1 Kansas City Star (May 17 or 18 98); "Like Mother. . .Like Daughter?", 288-95 Glamour (May 98); "Junk's Mystique: It's What Distinguishes Us From the Apes," B6 Washington Post (Apr 11 98); introducing the Center for Nonverbal Studies, Chronicle of Higher Education (Nov 21 97); Body Talk!, 45-55 Globe Mini Mag 301 (97); "Class of '97, Are You Listening?", B1 Washington Post (Jun 6 97); "Primate Debate," C1 Washington Post (Oct 5 96); "Come On, Come On," American Airlines American Way (Feb 1 96); "Posture, Please!", 123-25 Self (Feb 96); "Where Hunters Gather," 19-21, 30-32 Washington Post Magazine (Sep 3 95); "What I Got When I Acted Like a Guy," 102-05 Ladies Home Journal (Apr 95); "For Man and Beast, Language of Love Shares Many Traits," C1 New York Times (Feb 14 95); "The Big City: Color Blind," 32 & 34 New York Times Mag (Sep 18 94); "The New Feel-Good Fragrances," 52-3 Fitness (Jan-Feb 94); "Oxygen Cocktail," 184-85 Allure (Nov 93); "Word Watch," 135 Atlantic Monthly (Oct 93); "Landscape of dread," 57, 69 Metropolis (Sep 93); "Bomb Shelter: Warning the Future of Our Lasting Nuclear Legacy," 20 Omni (Jul 93); "Dressing for the Mall," B5 Washington Post (May 10 93); "Composing a Message for the Ages: 'Keep Out!'," A5 Los Angeles Times (Oct 5 92); "From the Twentieth Century, With Love," 22 Discover (Oct 92); "The 10,000-Year Warning: Alerting Future Civilizations About Our Nuclear Waste," 17-19 The Futurist (Sep-Oct 92); "The 10,000-Year Warning," A2, New Mexican (Sep 13 92); "The Last Cold-War Monument," 62-67 Harper's (Aug 92); "A Keep-Out Sign for the Ages," 18-19 Technology Review (Jul 92); "WIPP," D1 Albuquerque Tribune (Jul 16 92); "No Trespassing. Really," 19-20 Outside (Jun 92); "George of the Jungle?", E1 Washington Post (Jan 28 92); "Why Do People Kiss," C5 Washington Post (May 31 91); "Dukakis: If He Only Had a Heart," D1 Washington Post (Oct 9 88); "The Riddle of Sexual Chemistry," 158-61 Cosmopolitan (Jul 87); "Stone Sentry," 63-64, 108-110 Omni (Nov 85); "State of the Heart: Yuppie Love's Courting

Grounds Suit the New Lifestyle: The Workplace and the Workout Place," L1-2 Seattle Times (Feb 10 85); "No Way: Slashed Circles are 'Busting' Out All Over; Everyone Can Understand the Symbol, Which May be Older than Language," F1-2 Seattle Times (Jan 22 85); "Anthropologist Analyzes Our Silent Communication," D1-4 Seattle Times (Jan 3 85); "Stalk Gently but Steadily in New Jungle of Love," 2-B Atlanta Constitution (Nov 13 84); "Eye Power," 360-61, 399-402 Glamour (Sep 84); "Love Signals," 6366 Science Digest (Jun 84; reprinted in Anthropology: Contemporary Perspectives, 5th ed., Little, Brown, 1987); "The Kissing Pundit: Thoughts on the Lips," C1 SeattleTimes (Feb 13 84); "Those Lips, Those Eyes," 18 Family Weekly (Feb 12 84); "The Talk of the Town," 31 NewYorker (Jul 9 84); "What Body Language Can Tell You That Words Cannot," 100 U.S. News & World Report (Nov 19 84); "Reading the Secret Signals of Love," 9 Family Weekly (Nov 20 83); "It's About Time," E1 Seattle Times (Jan 30 83); "Macho Approach," AP feature 3F Houston Post (Jun 11 82); "In His Own Words," 63-66 People Weekly (Mar 8 82); "Marker May Warn Future Generations," I-C 7 Los Angeles Times (Nov 22 81); "Works on Warning," A-2 San Diego Tribune (Oct 20 81); "Vandalism is Natural, Says Researcher," Seattle Post-Intelligencer (1982); 3-part series on nonverbal signs of human courtship, Associated Press (82); article on communicating with the distant future, Winnipeg Sun (Nov 12 81); "Aggression," C1 Seattle Times (Jul 14 81); "Flirting Unchanged Over Ages," 15 UPI feature in Whittier Daily News (Mar 18 81); "U.W. Study Reveals Subconscious Flirting in Social Encounters," C1 Seattle Times (Feb 13 81); "Judicial Body Language Can Speak to Juries," 18 AP feature in Bremerton Sun (Jan 31 81); "In Search of a Nuclear 'Mr. Yuck'," Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Oct 13 80; picked up by UPI); "Life Among the Easy Riders," D1 Seattle Times (Jun 26 80); "Watch Closely--Your Baby is Talking to You," M6 Seattle Times (Nov 25 79); "Body Language is Clue to Abusive Mothers," Seattle Times; "Body Talk: Those Silent Signals Can Speed Your Climb to Success or Sabotage Your Success Suit," Seattle Post-Intelligencer Aug 3); "Anthropologist Studies Love," B-4 Honolulu Advertiser (Feb 12 79); "Don't Compress Your Lips at Me," D1 Seattle Times (Apr 28 78); "This is a Love Story, But Not Very Romantic," C1 Seattle Times (Feb 10 78).

CNS research has been featured in a variety of radio and TV formats, including CNN, CBS News's Walter Cronkite's UNIVERSE, and the Donahue show.

Forthcoming BBC special on the human face. Forthcoming syndicated newspaper column, "Strange But True," on archaeology of the Big Mac); forthcoming article in Spike Magazine on men's caps; forthcoming article in Dallas Morning Tribune on clothing in the 20th Century; forthcoming article in Redbook on dance; forthcoming article in Diversions Magazine on designer hand signals; forthcoming article in Homemakers Magazine (Canada) on nonverbal communication (also Details, Jump, Maxim, Sydney Sunday Telegraph, Real Simple, Women's Weekly,

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