[slide 7b Case 2 Decoding the message Evolution

1903 Ford Model A: neither grille nor vertical front-end

1908-1927 Model T: vertical front-end with framed radiator as "proto-grille"

1928 Model A: shapely, contoured radiator suggests a vertically ascending "nose"

1932 Lincoln: nose-like, V-type radiator was "high-brow"

1940s: grille design shifted from "noses" to "mouths"

1946 Mercury: aggressive, tooth-showing grille resembles angry bulldog

1946-2000: mouth motifs predominate; nose shapes inadvertently damage sales

(Note: nasal illusions help sales of "aristocratic" vehicles, such as Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz, which "look down their noses" at lesser automobiles)

1955 Mercury Montclair: redesigned bumper grille houses "teeth" and "tusks"

1955-57 Ford Thunderbird: features "tusks"; mouth-like grille shouts, "Hey!"

1958 Edsel: "horse-collar" grille dooms it to extinction 1963 Mercury Breezeway: adds tusk-like dual headlights to grille 1966 Mercury Comet Cyclone: tense-mouth grille is "toothless" (Note: illusory hood scoops compensate for defanged look with "muscle") 1966 Mercury Cougar: introduces silent-bared teeth "smile face" 2000: Smile-face grilles predominate

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