[slide 3b Case 1 Decoding the message

Thin-horizontal lines

• Horizontal pinstripes painted by hand or by mechanical means

• Linear markings of chrome stripping or vinyl

• Stamped as embossments or indentations

• Run the length of a vehicle, bilaterally, below the windows Evolution:

• Originated as a "beltline" design for the 1927 LaSalle

• Stripes decorate virtually all U.S. autos since 1927 Meaning:

• According to inventor Harley Earl, "This strip was placed there to eat up the overpowering vertical expanse of that tall car."

• A single highlight should run the length of the car, like a theme or plot

• Originally painted by hand because mechanical lines are "dead" lines

• Perfectly ruled lines lack a hand-drawn line's "insouciant raciness" Neurology:

• We are highly stimulated by edges, lines, and linear detail

• (Perhaps from a primate fascination with branches and trees)

• Horizontal lines add illusory "length"

• Vertical lines add illusory "standing height" (e.g., the necktie)

• Primary visual cortex contains orientation-selective neurons

• Only responsive to vertical or horizontal lines, or other linear angles

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