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A Guide To Your Own Ezine

A Guide To Your Own Ezine

With the expansion and diversity of businesses and hobbyists into more and more specialized areas of endeavor, there is an increasing need for more information. And newsletters are the high profit way to cash in on that market for specialized information.

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Pacing the ongoing reality

A good tool to use for instant rapport, especially when approaching (as you need to overcome her possible cautiousness about you and do it fast) is pacing the ongoing reality. What this means, is describing both the very recent (for example her having been idle and you having approached her), ongoing (you talking to her and her being pleasantly surprised) and near future events (her feeling good about getting to know a handsome stranger like you) in a pleasant, humorous and believeable manner. Here's a modified example originated by Clifford in Clifford's Seductin newsletter. It starts out with some basic approaching elements (pardoning, complimenting her, offering your name), which are sometimes frowned upon by more experienced PUA-s (see Complimenting her , Neghits and Should I offer my name for more information on why), but the ensuing pacing of ongoing reality creates an overall pleasant atmosphere of honesty, simplicity and sincerity, which is often almost impossible to resist )...

Create Multiple Internet Revenue Streams

You can make money by providing both products and services on the Internet. The key to being successful at this is very simple. Build your own qualified, opt-in subscriber list. Subscribe to what Your electronic newsletter of course. Your web site visitors will provide their information and permission to include them in your mailing list. You get this by offering an e-zine (newsletter), special report, ebook, or something worthwhile in exchange. To keep them willing and interested in staying on your list, you continually provide them with valuable information that they can use or will enjoy. Your profits are derived from booking shows and product sales that are generated by information you provide in your newsletter. Revenue can also come from commissions you earn by recommending affiliate programs that you belong to and believe in.

Have Laser Like Focus

OK, you're sold on the idea of doing joint venture mailings. How do you get started Ask this question What else do your customers buy and who else do they buy it from Look through the trade publications, newsletters and magazines they read. Talk to your customers and find out who they buy from that they really respect and trust. Alternative number one The free newsletter Publish a newsletter quarterly, every other month or even monthly. Keep it simple. Front and back of one or two 8 x 11 sheets is fine. Fill it with interesting, problem-solving articles and show readers how to get the end results and benefits they want. Do NOT make the newsletter an extended advertisement for your products and services. Instead, with each issue mail a sales letter or flyer on a different color paper from the newsletter about a special offer for subscribers only on one of your products or services. Tell new customers about the free newsletter and ask if they know anyone you should put on the mailing...

Out of the Closet and Into the Fire

Well, I was going to address this issue after the NYT article hit this weekend, but it seems like Minger has beat me to the punch. For those of you who don't know, Minger is the head of the DC Lair. Unlike some of the other lairs out there, he's fostered a pretty tight-knit group and their e-mail list always has some of the best discussions going. He also writes a regular newsletter, which he sends to his subscribers. Usually the newsletters just contain links to interesting discussions going on in the mASF boards, but this time around Minger has actually included a rather eloquent and (dare I say it) journalistic article concerning the future of the seduction community. It's a pretty good read, and I have reposted it here for all of you.

Its Not Magic But

There is an excellent Bill Evans website at lfehome.htm. The site is run by bassist Win Hinkle, and available there are all the back issues of a newsletter called Letter from Evans. The newsletter contains reviews, interviews, stories, and transcriptions of some of Evans' solos. It's excellent.

Police to Train As Magicians

JK - If you buy 200 lists at say, 20, and each list may be good for 2 -10 viable prospects, the acquisition cost can be expensive. I did build up gradually over the years and started off by just finding groups in the white pages. Now, I also buy ads in the newsletters of groups like the Rotary, Lions, Kinsmen, and Elks.

How To Treat Women When A Sarge Goes

Basically, offering challenges comes down to being difficult with a girl the same way a hot girl would be difficult with a guy who's chasing her. Little things like not doing what she wants, teasing her, cracking jokes about her, takeaways, intentional undermining, and not taking her shit go a long way to creating this challenge. You can even get more advanced and create those tension loops Swinggcat talked about in his last newsletter, which are excellent ways of creating challenges.

Books on Positioning Your Services

The Independent Consultant's Brochure and Letter Handbook -Herman Holtz has put together a concise and full of useful, hands-on tips and techniques for putting together brochures, marketing materials and sales letters. Also includes lessons on proposals, newsletters, press releases and graphics.

Appendix C3 About the Author

Wayne has published articles in many professional publications including Hypnogensis Magazine, and Positive Health. He has written articles for the Southwest Signature, the official newsletter of the Arizona Books Publishers Association. Wayne is a member of the Publishers Marketing Association, the Arizona Book Publishers Association, Le Tip International, Valley Professionals and the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.

Not Into Games Bullshit

However, I do not look at this as a shit test. I look at it as a sexual barrier (something Swinggcat will be talking about in future newsletters of his). Sexual barriers are obstacles women put up to keep you from doing what they KNOW is effective on them. Its a safeguard of sorts that when broken down, will get you EXACTLY what you want.

My Friends Are Slowly Turning Into Books

Apocalypse was the brainchild of Richard Kaufman. He approached Harry Lorayne (for whom he had done the illustrations for Afterthoughts) with the idea of starting a monthly magic newsletter. The two joined forces and the first issue appeared in January 1978. The association only lasted a year, however, and Richard Kaufman left after twelve issues. In the December 1978 issue Kaufman wrote, Perhaps Harry has what it takes to put out a magazine on a day to day basis - I don't. The constant deadlines are an enormous pressure .I like my months slow. In the years to come Richard would start another magazine, Richard's Almanac, found a book publishing company that was responsible for some of the most important books of the late 20th century, and take over the editing and publishing of Genii magazine, a job he is performing admirably. (More information on the first year of Apocalypse can be found in the introduction to The Collected

September 2001 In the Beginning

In the beginning there was Inside Magic, a monthly newsletter published by boy-entrepreneur Stan Allen. Each issue of Inside Magic featured a short (about 750 - 1000 words) review column written by Michael Weber. Although the focus of the review column was books, Michael occasionally reviewed videotapes and often offered news of upcoming publications. Michael Weber's reviews began with the first issue of Inside Magic (January 1985) and continued until the final issue in August of 1991. At that time Inside Magic ceased publication in order to make way for MAGIC magazine, a larger and more elaborate undertaking.

Anthonys Ascanio Anthony Brahams

For a number of years, he scripted science series for the BBC. He now writes a regular column for Skeptical Briefs, the newsletter of the American periodical Skeptical Inquirer. For many years, I had weekly card sessions with Jack Avis. These days, I'm privileged to be part of a monthly evening session with a few fellow magicians at John Derris's house. In the last year or two, Jack Avis, Bernard Weller, and Alex Elmsley have left empty chairs.

Martin Gardner to Rubber Chickens

Mike This video from Brad Burt's Magic Shop details one effect - Joel Bauer's handling of the classic Torn and Restored Newspaper. As Mr. Bauer explains on the video, this version is a synthesis of many other methods, including those of Alan Shaxon, Slydini, Gene Anderson, and Ron Wilson. The result is an extremely practical, real-world piece of magic that boasts several useful features the gaff can be constructed very quickly and can be reused many, many times reset time is about three seconds it can be done with standard newspapers, tabloid-sized papers, or newsletter-sized papers the trick can be done completely surrounded.

Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain

Side Secret Pocket

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this collection of effects. It represents my best work and I am proud of every effect in this book. For the benefit of those of you who are not members of the Psychic Entertainers Association, interspersed throughout the book are some excerpts from an interview I did with Bob Bluemle for publication in Vibrations, the P.E.A's monthly newsletter. They may reveal some of my philosophy and opinions concerning mentalism.

January 2000 Did We Make It

Richard Mark is a professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, a member of the Psychic Entertainers Association, and a columnist for the PEA's newsletter. In Mind Warp he offers over forty practical routines that will be of interest to the mentalist and the magician who wants to add a mental effect to his act.

Deconstructing Swinggcat

Okay, its no big secret me and Swinggcat know each other. In fact, we're pretty good friends. So good, that he has granted me permission to repost his newsletter on my blog. Of course, I never thought I'd see the day when he got off his lazy ass to actually WRITE the newsletter, but just as another sign of the coming appocalypse, it has finally arrived. From time to time, I'll post some of his newsletters on here that I think are worthy of further discussion and pick them apart for you with my experiences and ideas interspersed for your reading pleasure. I think Swingg is one of the best in the game and there is a lot to learn from him, and if he's going to be doing newsletters regularly, they are worth signing up for -- so be sure to log in on his webpage to subscribe Also, if you buy his book because of me for some reason, let him know so he can pay me a comission. It's not free to run a site like this, you know. Anyway, without further ado, here is the first Swinggcat newsletter...

The Dog Days of Summer

Mike Kevin King is a full-time professional magician and is the editor ofMagiFax (a newsletter which has been mentioned before in this magazine). Besides being a very funny performer, he is also an accomplished technician, and he thinks a great deal about the sleights he uses in his professional work. Kevin has developed some new work on the venerable Hundred Dollar Bill Switch, a move which is now a standard part of the close-up worker's arsenal.

An Interview with Swinggcat Part IV

Thundercat Now, let me touch on something of yours which I find fascinating, which is the concept of tension loops. In you're book, you talk about open loops. But in your recent newsletters, you've kind of amended that to cover tension loops. Can you explain the difference between the two and how you made that transition

The Top 10 PickUp Artists

Swinggcat Swinggcat comes in at a close second, and would in fact probably be number one if it weren't for the fact that that he is a better looking guy than Style. Swinggcat is a pretty hip looking (think a shorter version of Vince Vaughn in Swingers and you get a rough idea of what Swinggcat looks like), whereas Style is a skinny, bald, jewish guy. Swinggcat is just as evil, sneaky, and manipulative, but considering what Style has to overcome in the looks department, that puts his game above Swingg's. That said, I have seen Swinggcat in action on numerous occasions and am amazed at a lot of his game. The way he is able to process and sum up the information girls give him and turn their frame around is truly a sight to see. Not only that, he is so intuative, he can make up cold readings on the fly and be almost 100 accurate, which is fuckin' creepy. His book only scratches the surface of his vast knowledge, and I think we'll be getting a lot of good (and evil) stuff from his upcoming...

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Good With Women

Mail, so I don't know if the newsletter ever got out. Anyway, I was planning on reposting it here afterwards but since it seems most people didn't get the newsletter I guess it really doesn't matter. who's focus is very much on Inner Game, and who's future newsletters are going to be covering various topics concerning it in more depth (you can sign up for his newsletters at his website I'll also be reposting them on my blog). The more I realize Inner Game's importance, the more I find myself incorporating more of it into my interactions with women, and it is SO much more powerful than using canned material.

The Real David DeAngelo

From David D outside of his newsletters. I found this post to be quite interesting, because he seems to be revealing a bit more of his personal life experiences than we're used to seeing from him. It's also a damn good Field Report with some quite humorous moments, especially if you imagine David D talking in his typical monotone ultra-serious voice. (Think Al Gore in party mode) )

FR Shoe Sizes The Art Of Pissing Off Women

I meet up with Swinggcat again for dinner at Toi, which is a rock and roll Thai food place. We're eventually joined by Roadking and we discuss some of the new tactics and theories Swinggcat is developing (he's been field testing them a lot lately and plans to share some of his developments in his newsletters. If you haven't bought his book, at least sign up for his mailing list, which is free. You can do so here.). After diner, Raodking goes back to his place to shower and dress up for clubbing, and Swingg and I head towards the Well, a really great little bar hidden away in Hollywood.

Mystery on Jealousy and Phone Game

Mystery has graced the web with yet another post in the Field Reports section of mASF. He gives away some good tips and tricks which, honestly, should be saved for a newsletter -they're that good. But Mystery is so passionate about this stuff he can't help but give it away I suppose.

Creating A New Image

Similarly a change of location gives you a romantic mystery about you that can work wonders. A delightfully vague history is almost a prerequisite for the successful occultist. One or two tips though. Don't get the newsletter from your old Pigeon Fanciers Club forwarded to your new address, and make sure you move to somewhere you know absolutely no-one, especially relatives. Nothing can kill a reputation for mystery like an ageing aunt telling everyone how she remembers you when you were on your potty.

Where to meet girls

A few more US-specific places and times to meet women. Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries Restaurants with attached bars These places are often great Tuesday to Thursday nights, around 6 -8 30 PM. Especially upscale places, they cater to a professional crowd. Some VERY nice looking women looking to unwind after work. Also often these places serve as a meeting ground for women having bacheleorette parties.

Buying Online

When surfing various magic sites, you may like to also take advantage of the email newsletters, flyers, and catalogues offered by many dealers. Not only is this a free way of keeping up to date with the latest news, some dealers print useful articles on a variety of magic related matters.

Stewart Coffin

I soon became convinced that this was impossible, but being a novice in the field of topology, I was at a loss for any sort of formal proof. I published this simply as a curiosity in a 1974 newsletter (later reprinted in Puzzle Craft). Some readers misread that purposely vague write-up and assumed that it must have a solution, which then left them utterly baffled as to finding it. Royce Lowe of Juneau, Alaska, decided to add the Figure Eight to the line of puzzles that he made and sold in his spare time. When some of his customers started asking for the solution, he begged me for help.

Super Rope

Produce is an audio-cassette newsletter which focuses on the business end of entertainment. Tom Crowl is a professional magician, but the information offered is designed to be of use to all variety artists, including musicians and singers. On the tape Tom sent to me (which is the first of the series), he spent a little bit too much time telling about himself and the other products he had to offer. However, the last half of the tape discusses how to get corporate sponsorship for your show, and the information offered was extremely valuable, especially for those who work in the school show market. I think that Tom has worthwhile information to impart, and if he eliminates the ads and tightens up his spiel, he'll have a top-notch product to offer. If you're looking for ways to make more money with magic you should definitely check this out.


Mac Just yesterday I received a folksy little deal from Bill Goldman, a trade show guy from Chicago. It's kind of a newsletter, kind of a magazine. It's got a couple of Bill's tricks and some of his opinions all wrapped up in six 8-1 2 by 11 pages. I guess you'd say it's a periodical, because there is no exact publishing schedule. It just comes out periodically -whenever Bill feels like it. The one I got says Number One, October 1995. Each issue is 10, which is kind of steep for six pages, but the two main tricks in the issue I received are both killer. One of them is easily worth the ten bucks just by itself.

Jacket Required

Probably the next controversial topic will be that of the Insider Magic Report. I recently received Volume 1, Number 3 (May, 1987) of this newsletter in an envelope with the return party listed as Magicians Intelligence . (At first I wondered if the sender hadn't gotten the sender and the sendee confused.) Since these two words are many times mutually exclusive, my curiosity had been aroused. The editor, listed as Mike Gonta, is gonta make a lot of dealers angry to say the least. And, say the least is exactly what he does. To be more specific, this is a newsletter that takes new tricks on the market and explains the effect, price, and where you can order it. It also mentions where it was advertised along with the cost of the ad and the approximate number of subscribers the magazine that advertised the prop has. It then proceeds to provide a very brief description of the method. This is where I think Gonta fell short of becoming front page news. The method is so brief that in many...

My Cup Runneth Over

This same overload of possibilities is happening in the world of desktop publishing. I just read that the new version of Coreldraw will come with 1,000 fonts and 25,000 pieces of clip art. I fear that by the time a person tracks down the font that has just the perfect e in it, the newsletter is going to be late.

Larry Becker MHF

ASSEMBLY NEWSLETTER DESERT FOOTHILLS WOMAN'S CLUB NEWSLETTER (Gladys Anderson) The highlight ofthe day was psychic entertainer, Larry Becker. I've never heard so many Oh, I don't believe it or How did he do that as we picked our collective mouths up off the floor. He was just great and enjoyed by all.


Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter Make her put some work into hanging out with you in order for her to value you. Make her come and pick you up, make her spend some money on you, make her call and do you favors, etc. When she does things for you it will justify her own feelings for you and allow them to grow. See also

Pace and lead

An explanation and examples of physical pacing). Speed Seduction newsletter, Ross Jeffries VERBALLY PACE THE ONGOING SITUATION - I cannot emphasize enough the power of this VERY important rule. Basically, what it means is to verbally describe and therefore ACKNOWLEDGE the situation and reality that she finds herself in with you. An example

Feminator Returns

PS Just remembered, I should probably thank Swinggcat for a lot of this. He's very much into the whole inner game thing and it has been the subject of many conversations I've had with him. In fact, it probably wouldn't be on my mind as much if it wasn't for him, even though I've been very much into it since my return from Las Vegas. Maybe he'll do something on it in an upcoming newsletter which will blow anything I write on it out of the water. )