Introduction Aldo Colombini

Magic is a fun thing. Besides being fun to do, it has also allowed me to meet some very wonderful people; some very good performers; some creative individuals. My friend Scott Guinn is a combination of all the above. Besides being good at performing our art, he is also very talented, especially when doing the finest impression of Aldo Colombini I have ever seen! So, if someday you answer the phone and you hear, "Hi, this is Aldo"... be careful because it might be Scott!

Scott has the uncanny ability to jump from card magic to parlor magic with the same ease that most of us use to sing a song. And, by the way, he is also extremely versatile. In case some of you don't know, music is another thing that he likes to study. Contrary to myself, Scott has an ear for music while I simply have an ear for pencils.

I am very glad and proud to be able to say that I inspired some of his work, as you will see in his credits throughout the books. Scott takes the matter of credits seriously and is very precise about it, for which he receives my admiration.

He lives in the quiet town of Star, Idaho (near Boise), population 463 if you count the cemetery. Boise's name derives from a French word that means 'made of wood,' but please do not hold this against the lovely people of Idaho. Scott makes a living out of working for them on a regular basis, doing close-up, restaurant magic, stand up and kid shows. And, he does them well! Sometimes he even uses his Italian accent

Scott creates magic that inspires enjoyment in the hearts and minds of the onlookers that share his performances. He is able to 'touch' people's hearts with a sense of wonder, happiness and humor. These routines have been worked on and refined over many years of presentations to the 'real' people (as in 'lay audience.') Try them out, every single one, and see for yourself which ones will fit your personality and way of performing. I am sure it will be most, if not all, found in his books.

Thanks Scott, for the fun you gave me during our much too rare conversations. And, I'm sure I speak for all who have been lucky enough to witness your performances when I say, "Thanks for all the great magic!" As we say in Italy, "Continua in questo modo che vai forte!" And I think that everyone will agree with this!

Aldo Colombini

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