The Role of Power in Negotiation

20 Negotiation Tactics

This 70 minute video gives you access to a whole new world of negotiation techniques that you probably have never thought of before. You will learn the psychology of how people make choices, and how you can leverage those choices into your advantage in a negotiation setting. All of these tips were chosen because of how widely they can be applied to all kinds of situations. You will also get 50 real-life examples to use in your own negotiations, so that you can learn to never be taken advantage of. All we need is 70 minutes of your time, and we can have you negotiating like a pro, to be able to have people see your way, no matter what you're proposing. All of these tactics can be applied in many different settings, such as asking for a raise, getting a job, or even winning an argument! All these tactics can change how people view you, and give yourself authority! Read more here...

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Perceptiveness Intuition And Hunches

This female intuition is particularly evident in women who have brought up young children. For the first few years, the mother relies solely on the non-verbal channel to communicate with the child and this is believed to be the reason why women often become more perceptive negotiators than men.

Reach For An Understanding

As simple as these three steps might seem, my mentors all assure me, that all negotiations, regardless of their importance or delicacy, benefit from following this simple outline. Now that we've identified the fundamentals, le s fill in around these basics with negotiating tactics known as GAMBITS. Understanding more about these predictable patterns of human interactions, will serve us well, when our real world negotiations take their unpredictable turns. There are some gambits that apply to general negotiations, and others to specific areas of negotiating. The ones I've selected apply best in negotiations for higher performing fees.

PeeptuaimtiN co mytjJ

Ror the past few years, an unformed idea has been residing on the back porch of my mind. A daring idea that every once in awhile would poke its little nose out into the open, sniff around for a bit, but would then always turn tail and scamper back to the relative safety of the subconscious. However, due to my publisher's inhumane demands for yet another book of innovative magic - I was forced to get tough I rolled up my shirt sleeves, put on my long pants and marched right in to confront this illusive idea face-to-face, completely disregarding my own personal safety. After months of negotiations, heated arguments and some out-and-out nastiness, I was finally able to persuade this idea to emerge from its lair and go public. Yes, it's been a long, hard fight - but I think you'll agree that the successful development of this simple idea into an all-American, full-blooded miracle, was well worth whatever personal hardships I had to endure. Many thanks to Allan Ackerman who was...

Call To A Higher Authority

If you are personally accountable for decisions, and can make them unquestioned on the spot, you have limited your options and flexibility. You weaken your negotiating position. You might be pressed to decide on something before adequate research or thought has been applied, or possibly pressed for special favors because of the direct access to the decision maker. This is not to say that all bookings or negotiations need to be resolved by a call back. But the Call To A Higher Authority Gambit does allow you more latitude for action, and room to think. Developing the habit now will help it seem natural when those big calls come.

The Go For It 1 Gambit

Inexperienced negotiators tend to go into the negotiation with their very best offer up front. Maybe they lack faith in their product, or their ability to negotiate. When they hear things like Experienced negotiators recommend asking for more than they expect to get, while implying flexibility. The first reason why is, sometimes, you get it Secondly, if you are pressed into flexibility during the give and take of Stage Three, you have set the stage for the other person to win the negotiation.

Shifting Outcomes

On the other hand, if, instead of brainstorming, the session involved the final stage of negotiations with a key client, the outcome of the session might be to establish and reach consensus about the priorities for the completion and delivery of a specific product or intervention. With respect to this outcome, it is less likely that suddenly using unusual analogies, telling outrageous jokes, asking silly questions, and being a bit bizarre, would be perceived as relevant and helpful (unless, of course, the negotiation had reached some kind of impasse which required a bit of brainstorming to get past).

DoorInThe Face Method

Labor negotiators frequently deploy this tool. They begin with extreme demands expected to be turned down. Abruptly, they repeat to a series of smaller demands, or concessions which will then be more easily accepted. These smaller demands are the real target of the labor group. The larger requests were merely decoys meant to provide smokescreens.

The Right Clients

If you can establish yourself as a corporate speaker, there are enormous benefits that will come your way. The first is the tremendous size of these companies. Many corporations are so big that you can do numerous shows throughout the year for the same company and never repeat an audience Meeting planners speak to other meeting planners and quite often a company officer or some other important figure in the company will recommend you to other groups. Your fee will be known so there are no negotiations necessary. Often, members from other companies will be in attendance and can get you an in with their own organiza


It is noticeable that often in negotiations, when one person has decided to terminate the negotiation or wants to leave, he will turn his body or swing his feet to point towards the nearest exit. If you see these signals during a face-to-face encounter, you should do something to get the person involved and interested or else terminate the conversation on your terms, which allows you to maintain the control.

Viva Where

Becker discusses every aspect of cruise ship work, beginning with an examination of what is expected of the cruise ship entertainer. Also discussed in this introductory section are the various types of cruises, varying levels of cruise ship quality, how performances are scheduled, the importance of the performance rating questionnaire, and the performer's shipboard status . Chapters 2-5 cover the business part of the gig how to get booked, how much money to expect (and how to hang on to your money once you start spending a lot of time aboard ships), how to make money selling extra goodies (like magic sets and video tapes), and what to watch out for in the contract you sign. This is extremely valuable information, and to aid you in your booking negotiations Mr. Becker includes The Cruise Booking Worksheet which will aid you as you make contacts and conduct negotiations.

Self Empowerment

Image important Have you desired justified compliance from others, winning tough negotiations, or simply devastating a hardy opponent Does romance frustrate ou This book explores all the hidden techniques of influence employed by compliance specialists, professional negotiators and neurolinguists. It reveals strategies, from the benevolent to the unethical, which promise compliance from those it is used upon.

Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials

Always wanted to get a better deal but didn't have the needed negotiation skills? Here are some of the best negotiation theories. The ability to negotiate is a skill which everyone should have. With the ability to negotiate you can take charge of your life, your finances and your destiny. If you feel that others are simply born with the skill to negotiate, you should know that everyone can learn this wonderful skill.

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