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Archetype is an individualization process which is more of a personal calling to facilitate a personal discovery of your inner being. Individualization process comes in different programs which are set uniquely to help you have a better understanding of your inner being to help bring out the best you at all times. The archetype program is owned and operated by Mettlence Pte Ltd which uses advanced technology like use of cookies in getting your personal information. The program provides 60-day money guarantee a total refund to any user who feels not satisfied with the program. This program is associated with many benefits some of them being able to discover your inner self, getting knowledge on how to control your ego which suppresses your personal growth and achievements. The program also helps individuals in identifying their drive-in life and achieve all their set goal, and lastly, the program helps individuals in acquiring high levels of self-esteem. Read more...

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The Happy Horoscoper

Thirteen cards are used. Each card has an astrological sign drawn on it with marking pens. (You can locate the appropriate symbology in any horoscope booklet.) Two cards are made for the sign Aries. They are identical on their faces, but the back of one has the Happy Birthday41 massage printed on the back in large letters.

What The Audience Sees

A member of the audience shuffles an ordinary pack of playing cards. An envelope is displayed by the performer and initialed by a randomly selected member of the audience. The envelope is placed where it remains in full view of the audience. Using the shuffled deck the mentalist states that he will attempt to give the spectator a horoscope reading utilizing the values to cast four cards using a totally random method of counting. To begin, the performer has the participant spell the word HOROSCOPE, ducking one card at a time from the top to the bottom of the deck for each letter. The participant is then asked to deal one card at a time, face up on the table as the performer verbally counts backward from 10 thru 1. At any time if a card being dealt face up matches the performer's count it is to be placed aside For example, if the performer reaches 5 in his backward count and a five spot card (any suit) falls at that moment, that card is left face up on the table and the balance of the...

The Relation Of Magic To Other Sciences

From this system grew our modern scientific Astronomy, which has released the science of the planets from magical beliefs. Astrology, however, still exists and is believed in by many people. It is especially known today as the Horoscope, which predicts from the time of a person's birth what his future will be because of the influence of the particular planet under which he was born.

Vagueness and generalisation

The 'vagueness' theory only holds good for the most trite and superficial aspects of the psychic industry. A perfect (and perfectly inane) example would be the horoscopes printed by newspapers which (a) cannot find anything better to print and (b) are content to treat their readers as superstitious idiots.

Having Fun with Astrology

If you find you are facing someone who thinks they know a bit about astrology (i.e. someone who has had a natal chart drawn up and knows where their planets were situated at the moment they were born) just look at them thoughtfully, then say You must have Pluto in and tell them what house Pluto was in at the moment of their birth. The real worry is that you may create enough interest for them to go out of their way to find out where their Ascendant really is and prove you wrong. To guard against this take careful details of where and when they were born (the latitude and longitude are both needed) and tell them that you will work it out for them. Don't do it of course. Just come back a week later and tell them you worked out their natal chart and you had guessed correctly. It works every time.

To Prepare

You will also need an unprepared pack of playing cards. On an 8-1 2 x 11 sheet of paper print the horoscope reading as described under What the audience sees. Fold the letter in half three times so that it will fit inside the manila envelope. From the pack of playing cards, remove the nine of hearts. Close the envelope flap after placing the letter inside and secure the flap with a paper clip. Acco manufactures colorful plastic clips, as illustrated, that are available in any large office supply store like Office Max or Staples, however, any paper clip will do. Place the nine of hearts face up on the unseamed side of the envelope, pushing a tiny portion of the top under the clip. Very simply, you have created an innocent holdout that will later deliver the nine of hearts to the top of a shuffled pack of cards. Place a ballpoint pen in your inside left jacket pocket and all the advance preparation necessary to perform Four-Told will be completed.

To Perform

Once the envelope has been initialed have the volunteer hand it to anyone in the first row for safekeeping. Now, explain how you will cast the spectator's horoscope using the shuffled pack of cards. To begin, state that you will set the deck by spelling the word horoscope, transferring one card at a time from the top of the pack to the bottom for each letter in the word. This will automatically set the deck with your force card the nine of hearts, in the ninth position from the bottom of the deck. Follow the actions as described under the paragraph, What the audience sees to cast the four cards necessary to give the spectator a horoscope reading. At this point you can have the participant deal the cards or if you want to ensure a faster presentation, you should deal. If not, you have to direct the spectator's actions as he deals the cards. While this will slow things down, there is a benefit if the spectator does the dealing. No one will ever accuse you of doing something sneaky with...


So astrologers carefully compute the position of all the planets at the exact moment of birth - a natal chart. Why the moment of birth is important is mysteriously glossed over. In fact it would be far more scientific to suggest that the moment of conception would be the time when the influence of the planets would be most significant. But it has to be admitted that lying in bed with a stop watch trying to work out the exact moment of conception might just take some of the romance out of life. You need at least a vague idea of what the planets signify and what aspects of your life they are supposed to rule. It is also important to recognise the symbol used to signify the planets. For instance if you were writing out your interpretation of a natal chart never write the word 'Mars' when you can draw the little circle with the arrow sticking out of the top. Not only does it prove you know the subject, it means that clients have constantly to ask you what all the little signs mean, making...


At one point in the show a spectator marked a horoscope page held behind his back with a cross which turned out to be right next to the star sign of the other spectator. After the show I had a chance to speak to the spectator and asked him if the effect with the cross had impressed him. He told me he had indeed been impressed especially as he had drawn a circle ms


If you are doing predictions for a specific person you should forget about the complicated natal chart and the influence of all the planets, and simply assume that the only influence in their life was their Sun Sign. Then work out the chart for the day that you are predicting for.


What about her daughter, NOW A. Her daughter was born in August. (If the Medium wished this could be preceded by a short Horoscope.) Suppose the Performer is handed a Dance Ticket, from which it is seen that it is to take place on Wednesday, 28th July, the Performer would say WILL you tell me on what day the dance is to be held. The reply would be It is to be held in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. GO on, tell me the date NOW, PERHAPS you know the month as well. Medium Yes. The date is 28th of July. The first sentence gave the date and the second gave the month.

The Thrill is Back

Here are two more effects that I think are absolutely killer. A spectator chooses some items from a list on the screen (the list includes colors, precious stones, etc.). When all the choices have been made the computer gives the subject a horoscope reading and then divines the spectator's birthday. (And many times can also tell whether the spectator is male or female.) I've saved the best one for last. The spectator cuts off a packet of about a dozen cards from somewhere in the pack. He remembers the bottom card of this packet. He then shuffles the packet thoroughly. He now enters the names of the cards into the computer. Immediately the computer dictates a procedure for the spectator to follow. Upon following the instructions the spectator's card turns up. The magician does not touch the cards, nor does he touch the PC.


This is one of the most entertaining and powerful close-up mental effects that you can perform. The method is well cloaked in the terminology of a horoscope pitch and utilizes the names of the people in your audience - factors which make this effect a powerhouse, particularly with women.


Without a doubt this is one of the most versatile prediction devices ever created. Best of all, this is a new and improved model with better sound, longer battery life and more. So easy to perform. So powerful in effect. Small and compact with a black leather carrying case fashioned by England's Roy Roth. You can even use it to predict a spectator's horoscope sign as a lead-in or climax to a brief personality reading. No forces. No sleights. No switches. No secret recording. No gimmicked electronics. Comes complete with everything you need including Star Caricatures. Loud enough for 20-30 people. Requires amplification (hold it up to a microphone) for larger audiences. Many killer routines. Great for magicians or mentalists. I could go on and on but i'm sure you've got the idea by now. Just use your imagination and create the most entertaining routines possible. If you love clean, simple, baffling mentalism this is it By the way you can list anything such as colors, song titles,...

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