1 game = 12 engagements = 1 day = 4 hours. X 12 per 4 hour set. Metaphors: a strategy game.

Plan to get out into the public 4 or 5 days a week. Go out ALONE if you cant bring a pick-up buddy. You shouldn't go out with friends who want to always hang with you and not pick up girls. Find a friend who wants to get a mate out there too. Its this friend is a girl, great. You will look even cooler. But if worse comes to worse, go out alone. When I went to a new city to live, I had to go out alone. There is NOTHING WRONG with this. This isn't a loser thing, this is in fact a FUCKING COOL thing. A guy confident enough to get out alone and stir up some trouble is cool. While out there you will make some guy friends who hold the same goals as you (in fact EVERY MAN, at some point in his life will wish to fuck a girl you know. Its not a bad thing. Its not a dirty thing. Its not a selfish thing. Its natural. Its behavioral. Its human nature.) Going out 4 or 5 times a day and exploring WHERE girls are in a systematic way. You will use your LOGIC for this. Reason out where they are. What's good on a Tuesday? Mondays? Fri. and sat night is always good somewhere but Tuesday night places are harder to find. Since you'll be going out 4 or 5 days a week and entering into the antfarm collective on a regular basis, this lonely feeling will dissipate a bit. A very good start and a needed Band-Aid.

See, if too many of these emotional indicators (behavioral motivators) are triggered, we call that stress. Your body has asked you to relieve your stress. Go out and approach women. The stress will begin to dissipate. This is where it gets tricky. There is another internal hardwired motivaton circuit that 'seems' to get in the way. It seems to contradict the first emotion (see our internal motivator circuits are very well calibrated to the dynamics of social life - you are a fucking fined tuned engine - these emotions will indicate to you what is most important whenever it gets in a situation it KNOWS (through years of natural selection) is important to your genes' survival. So when you meet a girl that is ugly, nothing happens. You can walk up and say shit easily because you have nothing to lose. (In fact, because this is so easy, I suggest meeting lots of ugly women to start your day because it gets you rolling and you can always make friends -they might have a sister or a party to invite you to). But when a beautiful girl is near, your brain will give you a STATE-CHANGE. A state is an emotional state like lonely or anger or HORNY. This horny state is really a painful bitch to deal with. This is what all the pick up artists talk about when they discuss STATE-CHANGES. When you watch titanic, even though its all fake it can make us cry. That is a state change. And just by SEEING a pretty girl you have a STATE-CHANGE. Now, this state isn't really hornyness. Horny is when you have a boner. If you don't have an erection, the state isn't horny. Its some other state and Im not even sure what to call it. We could call it ACQUIRED or LOCKED-ON or even better AWARE. When she is there and you want to talk to her you are MORE than nervous, you are AWARE. Pulse quickens, I personally feels a wonderful sensation of butterflies in my stomach (still to this day - even yesterday when I met Tat) and your mind races for 'things to say'. Right?

Imagine this: if you could CONTROL the two emotions LONELY and AWARE, if you could become MASTER of these and HARNESS their power, like the way you have mastered hunger, do you think you would be able to 'fill your stomach'? I swear to all of you, I am a pretty rational guy. I am guided by reason and humanity and not by mythical being or forces. Im 26 and Im not a horny asshole player. I love life and care for people and have close friends and think things through. There was a time I couldn't 'GET' girls. I had such a low self-esteem and I was 20 before I had my first kiss. Or was I 21? fuck, anyway ... so I snapped. I thought, "Dude, you've got to get GOOD at this. This is too stressful. This seems like a very important thing to solve." I figured that I could hope that a relationship would drop in my lap and I wouldn't ever have to deal with getting good at picking up girls. I considered how if I already had a girl Id be happy and wouldn't have to chase. But then I thought, "NO! I have to MASTER this for a LIFETIME. Im not going to marry the first girl I meet. That isn't realistic? Im young, I cant KEEP a girlfriend when I don't know anything about them. Prioritize your needs and values. Put girls up there with sleep and food and stop abstaining from things that should be in your life as matter of fact.

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