HER:"Do you promise to call?" HIM "If you promise to answer."

HIM Want to go out for tea? HER I don't drink tea".

HIM "well you can watch me drink. (make a face like she's being weird) Shit you could watch me eat for all I care."


what sign are you? when she says this is a point towards your being IN. Instead of "You do not believe in this shit" say: "guess." when she makes a guess what it is say, "wow, how'd you know?" see? Don't disagree with a belief.

HER "what are you doing here, picking up lots of girls?" HIM "my friend Diane would KILL me if I did that." HER "who is Diane?"

HIM "oh she's a really good friend and we used to go out but we are good friends and while we aren't an item, I know she still loves me very much and some interesting emotions take place in her brain when she sees other women taking interest in me. She knows she has no RIGHT to be jealous, it just comes though anyway. I had a girlfriend for a tike since Diane and Diane had never met her because of this - but we are still very good friends." I then point to Diane who is a 10, surrounded by guys in the club.

"so why are you talking to me?" the girl may say (yet another neg hit ... and a qualifier. "didn't mean to ... BOTHER you, *mildly surprised* nevermind!" and turn your back to her. This is a test to see if SHE will laugh then turn you around back to her.

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