Spells Opener

"You think spells work?" "I was having a rather spirited debate with some friends and I'm still thinking about it." Then agree with her beliefs. And listen. Either: "How the hell can people still believe in witchcraft in this day and age? I mean, what do I tell my best bud?" Or: "Have you ever cast a spell on someone? Have you ever had a spell cast on you? Then why do you believe it? What evidence?" Don't be a YES man, actually hold your own ground but be TACTFUL so you don't begin an argument. Be ready to move the conversation to some interesting anecdote like the time you and friends at a party were trying to conjure ghosts with a ouja board but nothing happened but one of you faked some thread around a trophy that lead out to the kitchen than someone pulled and freaked everyone out. It was a blast.

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Enneagram Essentials

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