Social Proof

I recognize that many if not most women are drawn to a man who conveys social proof. performing artists do this ... so can you in a limited way. there was a girl yest at a club that was not so much into me until I joined her group of friends and in a matter of five minutes became the center of attention and got the hand shaking respect o her peers. from then on I could tell she saw me in a whole new light. just having her recognize that I was the 'best choice' in the small group worked to my benefit (got the #). one must convey social proof .. to do this (better when you provide FEMALE social proof) you must PAWN women - give them up for getting the target. Imagine an 8 is into you. you want the 9.5. you must reject the 8 in front of the 9.5 in order to get the 9.5. that is pawning.

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