RULE: Enthusiasm is contagious

Some routines are good for opening with while others are just comedy routines used to convey your good nature. Getting a girl is a PERFORMANCE art.

Photo routine Digital camera

Don't take a picture of her as an opener. It doesn't work - there is no NEED for a picture with her.

Magic: there is a bottle levitation illusion that is KICK ASS. To give the camera to the girl and take her beer bottle and ask her to take a picture when you say NOW and levitate the bottle and take a picture and then give the bottle back and she can then immediately look at the photo and show her friends makes you the MAN of the hour.

GM = "Would you keep your word on something?" "what?"

"Can you promise me, that, you'll never, ever, fall in love with me?" photo routine ESP routine

3 or 4 minutes into the PU or however long it takes to get the necessary amount of mid-light kino, I say: "You know, you're really good at this". Without fail, she replies "good at what?" or "what exactly do you mean?"

I say "well, you've been talking to me for just a short while and you've already got your hand on my shoulder/my hand around your waist/whatever"

20min question game 5min the music game 2min

Elvis and his hair 15min

ESP - is it real? 5min titanic connection pattern 5min the ant farm I bought for my niece and what I learned 10min my friend Tal likes this girl but is having problems ... 10min My other friend's girl became a stripper - what do you think about

* talk about ESP and its impossibility

* talk about how you met a bear while hiking

* talk about how you were scared shitless rock climbing when your rope snapped

* or the time you visited your friends friend with him and your buddy was almost beaten to death when the friend he visited had a boyfriend who came out and there was a 20 minute car chase through lights and you were looking for the cops but lot the crazed boyfriend before you found cops.

* or the time you were in the hospital and it changed the way food tastes. the birds sound clearer now.

* or the time you netbused (hacked) into a bank but chickened out and put the money into a charity - be a hacker not a computer nerd.

* or talk about the famous person you met

* does she believe in ghosts? why?

* you like candles and incense. what does SHE like?

* the music game modified for all types of objects.

* play the question game with her

* or hotseat (like question game but more brutal)

* talk about the time you bladed down a steep hill and survived. talk about the time you were on stage

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