You must have some routines to perform for the obstacles. Remember when the obstacles are watching, so is the TARGET. So you talk about things that interest the people but the stories also convey the most attractive traits that women look for in a man. They are:

Smile as you approach

Confidence (you approached the whole group and are story telling)

Social acceptance (her friends are listening and laughing - you are the center of attention)

Humorous (not a comedian telling literal jokes, just humorous anecdotes.

Well groomed (clothing, shoes, style, breath, shaved)

So you are telling stories to the friends and so she discovers all these traits as her friends enjoy your company.

Finally she DECIDES you are a catch because her friends think you are great. She will chase you and you will neg her several times making her friends think you are great and making the TARGET chase you. She actually has to WORK for your attention. She will put on the charm. Don't just beg for her affection. She has to beg for yours.

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