Rating Systems

Many interesting systems for rating women have been devised over the years, some ridiculously elaborate such as Outfoxing the Foxes' CUPID Rating System (see Index). While categorizing women into numerous TYPES have been adopted by several PUAs, it has been found that these complex systems tend to be particularly impractical for implementation in the FIELD. Therefore, a new simple and practical mental map of the social terrain has been drawn to aid the PUA in the FIELD. These basic generalizations have been created because the way one treats a cute coat-check girl or waitress is different from that of a drop dead gorgeous exotic dancer or Penthouse pet. The main purpose of a rating system is so the PUA can calibrate his particular approach to fit the social status of his TARGET.

The Binary Rating System (whereby one rates a woman from 0 to 1) is practical in that it is profoundly simple. The PUA decides whether or not a woman is worth APPROACHING. If you've ever asked yourself, "Would I fuck her?", and answering yes would mark the girl as your TARGET, you were using the Binary Rating System. The problem with this system is that it does not differentiate a regular cute BABE from a SUPER HOT BABE; it is simply ... too simple. The PUA must somehow calibrate his approach to fit her social status and this rating system does not aid him in that task. Use this system when you are deciding the worth of APPROACHING.

The Decimal Rating System (whereby one rates a woman from one to ten), while extremely popular, is neither accurate nor terribly practical in the FIELD. What one AFC calls a 7.5 may be considered an 8 by another. In fact, AFCs may disagree on the rating of a particular woman by a full point or more. While it is oftentimes great fun to argue with your buddies on whether a particular girl is a 9.2 or a full out 10, these spirited debates hold little value and are a glorious waste of both time on the FIELD and the PUAs precious brain power. This system however is good when recanting stories to others about the TARGET in a particular scenario.

The Mystery Rating System simplifies the Decimal Rating System and groups women into only four groups. They are ugly, babes, hot babes and super hot babes. The reason for this is because we must make the system practical - it must work conveniently for us in the field. Attempting to categorize a woman by race, ethnicity, or sub-culture (Goth girl or rocker) has been found to be far too cumbersome.

Decimal Rating System Binary Rating System Mystery Rating System 1 to 7.5 0

SHB (super hot babe)

The Mystery Rating System Categories UG

Used as pawns. Not used for practice as their behaviors are very different from that of the HBs and which should be your TARGETs. Raise your standards.

picture of UG

0 0

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