Quick Close

You: (giving her a pad and pencil) you'll keep me company when I return my gamegear to future shop tomorrow.

"You are going to ask me 3 questions and I promise to answer truthfully... then Im going to ask you for your #."

"You cant leave... You haven't given me your phone number yet!" "Wait a minute, you can't go until you give me your #"

"It's interesting how much we are enjoying this conversation? I wonder how we could meet again?"

(Im sure the subway train is coming).

"Your train is coming ... we don't have much time me and you. Why? Cause its not my train - I already got off but wanted to meet you and you forced me to meet all your friends first :P"

See, negging and then going for the CLOSE is good because you are now showing interest finally. the close is the interest. pause for effect. "do you have a pen? tonight - we make plans."

"you realize, the time issue here is an illusion - you don't HAVE to go. Im going in to buy a drink, you may join me if you wish to continue this."

You: "for this to happen you have to ask be a question." She blurts out, "can I have your #?"

You: "wow you come on strong! Are you always this bold?" act 'impressed' and say, "how bout we trade #s ... fair? "

You say, "Well, It was really nice meeting you." As you start walking away, you then say,

"For an outgoing girl, you are pretty shy after all." If she is interested in your by now, she will say, "Why?" This is the beginning to flirting. You say, "because I'm leaving silly. :)"

If she doesn't say anything... with regards to her giving you her phone #, say, "Yep. You're shy."

She wants to SHOW you she isn't SHY so she will be BOLD and ask for YOUR #. When she does, say ... "no ... but we can exchange #s.


Always carry a pen and a pad of paper. Tell them that you write down every creative idea you come up with and you have hundreds of these pages at home. Then ask her if she is creative. Give her the pad of paper and the pen and say, "Impress me. Be creative." When she says,

"I don't know ..." tell them, "He's a hint ... start with the first 3 #s." When she writes her # on the pad, look at it and with an impressed attitude say, "Very creative! I like the way you think. We could market this idea and make millions." Then give her yours and add a "call me before you go to bed" on the paper beside your #. Say, "What do you think? Creative?" She will say, "Oh YES, very!!

When you are CLOSING and getting the phone number, remember to tell her what your RULES are for phone conversations. PHONE RULE #1:

When you know its me calling, I don't want to hear, "hey, wazz up?" I would prefer to here, "Oh HI. How are you? Its GREAT to hear from you! So sweet of you to CALL! I was just thinking about you." :)

"You know I'm wondering ... " "what?"

"I'm wondering if it would be a good idea for us to meet again, and if we would have a great time together ... so I wonder if I should reach for my pen and notebook in my pocket, or if it's not worth it ... "

"When you give me your number, bring the pen over here from the bar cause I want to give you my number too!"

"Before I give this to you, I have a question." "What?"

"Is our relationship going to be romantic because...(pause)... I like romance (evil grin)."

"I'd love to hear more of this, but I NEED to get some coffee so I have to go to the Starbucks on blah street and blah street... let's continue the conversation there."

"I am going out to eat, but I don't like eating alone. So would you like to join me?"

you first get her ack that he'd be cool to talk another time and then, when she says yes, you pop out the notepad and the pen as if SHE had requested it.

saying "give me your number"

she will have to think it's her idea works for me me: What steps should we take to continue this? girl: Well, you can give me your #?

me: I don't give my # usually - how bout we trade ... fair? girl: Well, I don't give out my #."

me: It looks like we have met an impasse. What steps should we take to cross this barrier?

me: It was a pleasure meeting you. (stand up - a pull away/slow eject) girl: It was nice meeting you.

me: (waiting, having turned my back for a time to make her feel like that was it). me: "This wall you have, is it made of something? What color is it? Can you climb it like those wall climbing games at sporting goods stores?"

"You know, it's a shame I don't have time for dinner since you sound really interesting. We should get together for coffee so we can talk some more."

only close when they are attracted to you. do not close until you have a pretty good certainty that they are (see body language).

once you know they are attracted, you MUST close or lose!

this was good so when are we going to get together again? I'm going to be performing at a club on the weekend, are you free on Fri. or sat?

ESP joke give necklace

I want to see you again you want to see me again lets get together again

I like you what's your #? (Have pencil ready) I want your #

You do the # thing and she doesn't give it. Instead of going away in a huff, you simply say, "pleasure meeting you :)" then turn your back. This is a standard move of mine. standard because you are treating them like they are a kid and they really behave the same, all of them. Instead of walking away, just turn your back to them. make it look like not getting the # didn't bother you in the slightest. You were willing to walk away from the situation. Now it is HER choice to chase you. Thing is, because you turned your back, she will feel insecure because of this. especially pretty girls are very susceptive to this because they get attention all the time. when they DON'T, they REALLY notice it.

3. ADVANCED Expectations

Expect to meet 50 women in a week. Expect to meet 12 girls in a day (give or take) Expect to get out 4 evenings a week. Expect to get in social public gathering situations for a few hours.

Group set theory

Finding is something that most men think is easy. I find this to in fact be the most difficult of the four phases. I enjoy the company of particularly beautiful women (ratings 9+) and these are for technical reasons (such as ratio to population) hard to come by. I have several thoughts on this but would enjoy anyone's advice on FINDING models and such. I have gone out with models, singers, exotic dancers, bar-tenders, even a private eye :) I must admit I have been with a few not so good looking girls too (my first girlfriend, in retrospect, was a 6!) 'Finding' issues include, increasing your chance of meeting beautiful women, available women, a high enough ratio of women in a given area to increase your statistical chances of the successes

(RULE: the more doors you knock on the more will open.)

My #1 annoyance is when I decide to go out and play the GAME, I know that the Game lasts roughly 4 hours a session. Say, a club from 10pm to 2am. It annoys me when I have to waste that valuable time parking the car or waiting in line or having to deal with my friends behaving strangely.

RULE: Plan your strategy for FINDING women.

Know exactly where you intend to go. Know your city. Know the day. Minimize waste of time by getting there a bit early to you can settle in. RULE: never buy a girl a drink. This makes you seem like every other guy. She may however buy YOU a drink. I get on average 2 or 3 drinks bought for me in a given 4 hour session. RULE: never drink alcohol when playing the game. Alcohol does NOT loosen you up. If you believe that, you are weak. It is an excuse to alter your feeling of 'fear'. You decrease your statistical chances of success. Sober people have more reaction time with which to process information. "E.G.: 2 girls, 1 guy ... sitting at a table, guy is sitting closer to the one you want what do you do?" When you are drunk, you can't process complex chess game scenarios like this. ANSWER BTW is actually an easy one here: Approach the other girl. Why. She is an obstacle to the other girl. If the other girl IS single, then the 'friend' must approve of your first. Do not HIT on her of course. NEVER hit on a girl actually. Why. Because you may have theoretically assessed the situation wrong and the less good-looking girl may be going out with the guy. BE attractive but don't hit on anyone. Talk to them and exude charm and confidence and humor and allow her to the opportunity to use her innate powers of seduction on you. Talk to the guy too. Now that you have this girl laughing (although you are not sowing DIRECT interest through any form of sexual innuendo) talk to the guy. Make the guy your friend. See, from his point of view, you are just a cool guy. You are charming and funny and have much to say about his areas of interest. NOW, from the gals point of view, this guy thinks you are cool so you have HIS approval. the friend gave you her approval through laughter. And in the process you found out by asking "So, how do you all know eachother, from work?", all the details you needed to know. If she is in fact free for the taking, you disarmed the potential bombs already. By this time, the others are paying attention to you so the girl you secretly want will begin to feel neglected. Depending on her rating you begin the attack. (8s and under are played out differently than 9+s ... two entirely different strategies. 8s like the attention you give them. 9+s are so used to this attention you must give them 3 negs first like "Those are very nice nails you have, are they real?" When she admits they aren't (most 9+s have fake nails) you say, "oh. well they're still nice" and then turn away. See what happens in their mind is this: "Most guys think Im the bomb. Im used to that. But this guy doesn't think that. I must have screwed up my first impression image. No worries, Ill just fix that." She now thinks that she can bat her eyes and fix the little smear in her image. You weren't an asshole about it, you just showed her you noticed a flaw but were polite about it. She will try to impress you now. She is chasing you. Do it again; another neg. "Ha! Your nose moves when you talk. Its so funny. No, really, its so cute. Ha ha." 9s and 10s don't GET treated this way. HOW? Like a normal friend. Like someone you can joke around with. That's all they want. To be accepted and this is what you are doing. But she is now even more into fixing the not-so-pristine image she is used to having. So she tries to solve this little issue. And what happens while she's busy solving the issue? She's talking to you. Conversing. She's interested in making you like HER. You can NEVER ask a 10 for her #. Why? Because EVERY GUY in the world and his FATHER asks. You are different.

You say, "Well, It was really nice meeting you." As you start walking away, you then say, "For an outgoing girl, you are pretty shy after all." If she is interested in your by now, she will say, "Why?" This is the beginning to flirting. You say, "because I'm leaving silly. :)" This word 'silly' is NEVER used in front of a 9 or 10 from a stranger. so this shows your confidence and coyness ... AND, this is the third NEG. Notice none of these NEGS are really BAD. They are just not the usual flattery they get from guys. You are now waiting for her to say something - just staring at her. She is on the spot. She is a 10 and she knows it. She has an ego. You never really HIT on her. You were coy. You were about to leave without asking her for her #. She KNOWS you aren't like the rest. You MUST have girls chasing you from the attitude you are displaying. If she doesn't say anything ... with regards to her giving you her phone #, say, "Yep. You're shy." and walk away with a smile. However, this isn't likely because she has an ego. In this case you have played on her ego to actually WANT to make you LIKE her and she will now be open to getting together again. See, being on the spot, she has to come up with something very smooth to say to keep her EGO bloated. She is now having to prove her social abilities to you. She is trying to impress you still anyway. Anything she says will come out flirtatiously but you accept it with OPEN ARMS baby. She wants to SHOW you she isn't SHY so she will be BOLD and ask for YOUR #. When she does, say ... "no ... but we can exchange #s. Fair?" RULE: NEVER give your # to a girl. If you get around to asking for her # and she says, "Ill call you" just say, "no, Ill call you." If she doesn't give her #, she wouldn't call you anyway so just say, "Nice meeting you" and leave. After a girl DOES girl her # to you, you may then write yours for her as you say, "We'll trade ... fair?" She will smile and say, "fair." "Nice meeting you." "Nice meeting YOU." "I'll call you this weekend." bye You have just picked up a 10! And SHE chased YOU! And you made her ask for YOUR #. You were hard to catch. She wont forget THAT. You aren't an easy guy. You aren't like the others. You were a challenge. But she finally WON. Well, hopefully, she still has to call you now! now when you are on the phone with her, you say "You know, you dropped something when we were last together." She says, "what?" You say, "Your conversation with me ... where did we leave off?" She will um and ah and you say, "Oh yes, we were flirting with eachother. " Yes Im babbling. Mystery PS: the scenario I just told happened to me several times exactly as is ... in fact I swear to 2 days ago this happened. The girl was a 10! TV quality and single-handedly the best looking girl in the club. On the block! Secretly, though I showed this coyness and reserve, inside I'm thinking, "OH GOD! oh god oh god oh god!" I hid it well. I have her #. She will hopefully call me on Saturday. If not, Ill wait till Sunday to call her.

Yes, think TOPICS and not WORD for WORD lines or routines.

In fact there is NO such thing as a LINE. A line is just one sentence in a ROUTINE. Your ROUTINES should be loosely based outlines. NO WORD for WORD memorization. Remember the basic outline of the routine. Design routines that don't HIT on the girl. She's EXPECTING that from a guy. Just be fun and funny and confident and cool and when she notices you aren't hitting on her, she doesn't know whether you are just chatting for the fun of it or are hitting so she will test you by challenging this. Don't take the bait and start hitting on her. Give a NEG. Here's a good one after you have initiated conversation through a non sexual topic and she has bitten into the game of chatting. "ooh, check this out watch this. Here, pull my finger. This is good." She will pull your finger and you go, "FFFFT! OH MAAANNN! You actually pulled my finger! haaa! No, no jus' kidding, here, really, pull on my finger. No honest this is good. Fffft! Oh MAN! THAT'S TWICE!!! I cant' believe you! My NIECE is 6 and doesn't fall for that anymore! man haaa!" You were being playful and fun and you WEREN'T hitting on her. She will now feel a little dumb, but you were just being playful so she wont HATE you and call you and asshole. She will however, know you aren't hitting on her (which pulls her BITCH BLOCKING shield down) and so will try to restore her image in your eyes. SHE is TRYING to impress YOU. ROUTINE: Pull My Finger. Remember it. Its fun. Its playful. Try it to open if you think the girl is playful already. SEGWAY: segway something from one ROUTINE to another. In this case I ended with NIECE as a word for segwaying. ROUTINE: My ant farm. I bought my NIECE an ant farm. Well actually, I bought MYSELF an ant farm. I never had one as a kid and Ill tell you it later!

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