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this routine is a VERY GOOD one for girls who are 10s. You see, NOBODY toys with them that way. They are SO USED to men behaving like boys and falling over them that when you come and play that game (in a smiling playful way of course) it is a wonderful NEG in a playful manner. If she calls you an asshole, reply laughingly, "I'm an asshole, but I'm fun. :)" You are displaying EVERYTHING she WANTS in a man. You are different, yes? You are bold, yes? You treated her normally and not like a goddess, yes? You were having fun with her, yes? Playful? You showed her even though she was HOT, you were willing to walk away. Why would a guy be willing to do that? The only possibility is that he is fucking crazy or that he is used to being with 10s. I am very good at what I do, and YES, I have used this even last Wednesday and I got the # of a 10! I fucking swear. Tal was there as a witness and it was really funny and coy and cool of me because here I am with a fucking 10 and I do this to her. It really brought her down to knowing who she was talking to in a very mild and pleasant manner. You have the guts to possibly BLOW it with her. She gets people acting so proper and nervous EVERY DAY. 10s cannot help being beautiful. They are USED to being this way - being a 10 for them is just a matter of fact. Only everyone does not treat her like a normal person because of it. And yet you do. You show her you are a man that doesn't BUY INTO her beauty. In fact, I NEVER compliment a woman's beauty. EVERY guy has said that before. Every guy and his father! SO instead, compliment her on rarely complimented things, like her class or leadership within her peer-group.


Always carry a pen and a pad of paper. Tell them that you write down every creative idea you come up with and you have hundreds of these pages at home. Then ask her if she is creative. Give her the pad of paper and the pen and say, "Impress me. Be creative." When she says, "I don't know ..." tell them, "He's a hint ... start with the first 3 digits ... hint." When she writes her # on the pad, look at it and with an impressed attitude say, "Very creative! I like the way you think. We could market this idea and make millions." Then give her yours and add a "call me before you go to bed" on the paper beside your #. Say, "What do you think? Creative?" She will say, "Oh YES, very!! :)"

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