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There are many things one must do BEFORE they approach a woman. The five characteristics of an ALPHA-MALE are:

1. A great smile. The very first moment your TARGET sees you is of you smiling. 97% of women want a man to approach them with a smile (re: Eagan's survey). Convey a playful appearance. The first things a woman looks for in a man are a his beautiful eyes (don't squint) and his smile. Smile widely when you enter a room and keep faking it as you walk around. Approach her with a pleasant big smile. Smile on the approach as well as before.

2. Well groomed. Shine your shoes and shave your face; trim your beard, etc. Women judge a man by his shoes. Wash your clothes. Don't wear old clothes. Be well dressed but not dressed up.

3. Confidence. Don't appear very shy in your approach. Be original and don't use STOCK pick up lines as they display a lack of confidence and that you are not used to attracting women. Convey independence.

4. A good sense of humor. Don't tell knock knock jokes but convey a sense of humor through interesting stories. Be playful. Appear intelligent and don't swear too much at first. No slurring nor heavy slang. Don't approach serious.

5. Connection. Make her feel an emotional connection with you.


When going out to play the game, consider arming yourself with the following:

* Nice clothing - well dressed but not too dressed up.

* New looking shoes nicely polished - important

* Breath freshener or gum - use Tic Tacs for Craig's Tic Tac gambit

* A Pez dispenser - for the PEZ OPENER

* Photos in envelope - or digital camera for PHOTO ROUTINE

* Microcassette recorder - to review your attempts and for # CLOSING

* Condoms - bring 3 and don't be embarrassed if found.

* Whore lure - perfume

* Haircut and shave

* Clean under your nails

* Wear clean underwear and wash your cock

* Carry a wad of cash (borrow it for flash cash if you must)

* Pencil and a pad - for getting and giving contact info.

* Calling card - you may be stuck somewhere tempting fate by going to a girls place and possibly getting stranded

* A small camera - a digital camera is better. - to have a friend take a pic of you and your new girlfriend.

* Jewelry - At least one INTERESTING piece so that bold women will have a chance to approach you by being able to compliment it. Interesting necklace or ring.

* A money clip is better than a wallet

* Contact lens case and glasses (should you decide to stay somewhere) and a day-case in the car with extra clothes and a toothbrush. Pack with extra condoms.


Emotions are motivator circuitry hard-wired into your brain, designed by natural selection over the last billion years. It is in fact THESE built in programs (called emotions) that assisted billions of beings before you to motivate these ancestors to mate and make them survive long enough to do so .

In other words, instead of looking at emotions as limiters, look at them as indicators telling you what your body believes is MOST IMPORTANT to you. E.g.: If you ancestors didn't have HUNGER, they would have increased their chance of dying. And so the humans with the HUNGER gene would have an evolutionary advantage and replicate more, giving off more HUNGER gene babies than the non-HUNGER gene babies who many times died sooner. Thousands and thousands of years of this have built a survival machine that, while not perfect, is pretty damned well calibrated to assist you with your survival and replicating.

So, when you are lonely, this is a strong indicator that something must change. We like to sometimes simply WISH the emotions away because they don't feel good. Some people even TRY to do that. They will take drugs or meditate or talk themselves into thinking that they hate girls because you feel so bad when you think about them (Tal has been through this last one). Thing is, notice how this emotion will motivate you to get the fuck out of your house for a change? If you are lonely, this is a great sign that your body and your mind (these are not two separate things as your brain is a part of your body) are functioning properly and it is telling you (like HUNGER) that you will increase your selfish gene's chance of survival (by replicating) if you get out and hunt. Being horny is another one that we try to satiate by masturbating to net porn. Thing is, imagine if you DIDN'T masturbate again until you got a girlfriend. Can you imagine the MOTIVATION you would have to get laid? Your body would make you go out every DAY and try to get some.

SO how do we use these two emotions to motivate us in proper ways? Use your reasoning to prioritize what is important to you in a global lifelong perspective. Im sure you will find that having a woman (or more) to hold and love and love you back is very much a needed and wanted thing. We are ants in a colony of 7 billion. Sure, an ant can live in a segregated ant farm all by itself. But it wasn't 'designed' to. The environment its best suited for is WITHIN it's social collective. See? Humans too are not designed to live in a lonesome environment. We weren't for the past 120,000 years living in a box. Our environment INCLUDED other humans and we adapted motivators to deal with others. So when you get these emotions, reason on HOW you can satiate them properly and with focus instead of detours and denials. Disciplined focus. Lonely? Good. build a plan.

no drinking


Keep in shape. Tone your body. Get more energy. Convey 'success'.

Take photos of you in the gym with friends (for the photo routine explained later). Roller blading

Many women roller-blade. Get the right gear and think of a nice bike-path to blade on. Is there one near the beach? Have a portable CD player and get two headphones and a Y splitter so you can listen to music with a girl you've invited together. This allows for a possible 'common' interest with a girl. This allows you to talk about the car you almost hit or the hill you almost didn't make. Great for hiking too. Get a photo for the rock climbing close. Make sure the photo is an ACTION shot with you in the air.

Know your routines - internalize

Don't EXCUSE yourself to death: e.g.: mike = I have a girl. Talmon = I'm too fat.

2.3. ANATOMY of the PU

How do I seduce someone?

This is the most common question and the response is always the same...that depends on your situation. Seduction is not about some secret power or magic spell that will make people automatically fall in love with you.

Being a seducer means maintaining a set of tools and skills, that allow you to best meet the challenges of your specific situation. Sort of like a Swiss army knife for your personality, so you have a tool for any situation. I can teach you some tools and point you to where you can learn others. What I can't do is give you some love potion that will instantly make anybody love you. So if that's what you're looking for, then you should leave now.

However, if what you are looking for is a place to learn about skills that you can use to become a seducer, then you've come to the right place.

That being said, let me answer the question as best I can for those who are looking for some step by step process to move towards their goal of seduction. It is generalized so it can be of more use to more people, so if you need more specific questions answered, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Ask Odious button. There are 5 basic parts to a successful seduction.

1. Pre-approach observation.

This means taking the time to actually observe things about someone before you go running up to seduce them. Take a minute or two and just watch them. See if you notice anything about them that might be useful.

If I am out and I see a beautiful woman at a coffee shop, but I notice she has a pink triangle tattoo and she's reading the gay and lesbian times, I'd know I might need to alter my approach.

When you do this, try to pay attention to things other than physical attributes.

2. The Approach.

This is the part most people fear more than anything else. It's when you actually walk over and meet this new person and introduce yourself. However, it is in actuality probably the easiest part of seduction. It really is.

There is no reason to fear the approach. Because that fear will trip you up more than anything else if you let it. Instead just be casual and don't worry about it. If you did step one, you should have something to comment on other than just saying "nice ass." Then introduce yourself. That's all it takes.

Now not everybody is going to be interested, and you're not going to be interested in everyone you approach. So don't sweat it if the person you approach isn't interested. Just move on.

3. Presentation

This is the universal variable. How you present yourself depends on you and what you have to offer...not to mention what type of person you're looking for and what they desire. I can't tell you how to be yourself. I can tell you some things you can do to improve your skills and give you some basic guidelines so you can determine this for yourself. Because the only one who can know what's best for you in your situation, is you.

RULE: The first basic rule is don't supplicate. Don't kiss their ass to try and get them to like you. Because nobody can respect someone who kisses their ass.

RULE: The second rule is that you learn from your mistakes. So do not worry about making them. Everybody messes up now and then, but very few ever take the time to understand why they messed up. So they never discover what mistake they made, and then they keep doing it over and over. Mistakes highlight areas that need improvement, and thus allow you to know how and where to focus your energy.

RULE: Don't waste your time and energy on people who do not meet your standards. Don't settle for less that what you desire and deserve. And don't apologize for having standards.

Have fun, use humor, be playful but most of all be yourself. Remember the best presentation tool you can have is a genuine curiosity about this person you want to seduce. Learn about them. Because if you do, then even if you do not seduce this person, you will gain knowledge that will help you next time.

4. The Close

This is where most people blow it. There are two categories for closes. The number close, and the sex close. A number close means you get a phone number and agree to call or meet again. A sex close is the "hey let's go back to my place" close. Men and women both worry about being too forward at this point and thereby scaring the other person off. However, if you can sufficiently excite the other person, they'll usually close for you. You just need to give them an opportunity to do so.

5. Maintenance

If you make someone feel good, they are going to want more. You have to maintain this process, by keeping them feeling the feelings they desire. There are a whole lot of tools and techniques to accomplish this like anchoring. You can learn more about that sort of stuff by clicking on the speed seduction button at the bottom of the screen.

2.4. FIND Where to Go

Ask girls how THEY solve this problem. Walk up to them and say. "I'm single. I'm not hitting on any of you. I'm thinking more long term here. I cant find places where there are girls. Where are they? This place seems dead." Be sincere and honest. They will tell you.

The best way to find out something ASK.

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