Practice With Recorder

the cassette player is to tape your approaches. its awesome to listen to what you said and what her replies were. VERY entertaining and moreso EDUCATIONAL. get a microcassette player and tape ALL your approaches. Its also good because an approach is very formatted: it has a beginning AND an ending. So does a tape. So when you see the girl, you think "I want HER." You scan the situation and say, "OK, here goes" and you press record. And in you go. When it is over, you press stop. Its so perfect for your brain. you are going in not to get the girl but rather to perfect the pick-up so you can have the PERFECT tape to play to friends. They will listen and say, "FUCK. YOU are GOOD!" Then you show them a picture of this girl that you fucked and she is a 10!. That is what its all about. Getting GOOD at this. Its an art. But its a PERFORMANCE ART.

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