Polyamory, translated, means "many loves." Briefly, a polyamorous person is one who feels it is natural to romantically love more than just one person at a time. A polyamorous person may have more than one person that s/he considers to be a "spouse," for example. Polyamory is about love, without constraint by the dictates of society, defined only by the parameters that we, as individuals, impose upon it.

I am looking for a bi-poly female (or females) to build a FFM triad. Please be positive, open minded and honest. Non-smoker preferred.

yes - talk about POLYAMORY in a SERIOUS way - get on the net and learn about

> it and then THROW the word around like its NORMAL and that YOU are

> polyamorous. You have to be FIRM - "Im polyamorous and I would like you to

Here's an edited version of a pattern a guy used to seduce an openly bi-sexual woman:

Have you ever thought about the differences between Bi-sexual girls and ordinary girls? Admittedly, when I was first exploring, bi-sexual women, I was drawn to them because I liked threesomes, and of course, I still do. But as I really got to know these women, I discovered so much more, so much I never realized was there. Bi-sexual women have special qualities and characteristics you do not find in ordinary girls. Bisexual women have openness, a freedom, a sense of adventure that is incredibly rare. They have an inner peace, a sense of comfort with their sexuality and with all things sexual. Because they realize, they know, on a very deep level, that in this physical form, we are sexual beings, but they also have another side. A side that realizes our true essence, is a being of light. And sometimes when you meet someone, and it is really special, you can almost imagine a cord of this light extending from you to them. And as this cord begins to glow with the warmth of that connection, you can actually feel what is taking place. That deep connection, that eternal bond, like you have always known this person, as if, they have always been with you. Now, with me, it is extremely rare, but when this happens, it is something to be treasured. And maybe it is like a doorway, a window of opportunity to experience all the passion, excitement and exhilaration you really need. And the great thing about door ways are that you can look through them and see fabulous opportunities and futures that are yet to be realized, if you can just summon the courage, the sense of adventure, right now, to just step through that doorway, maybe it's like everything that has been holding you back is just left behind and as you step through and look ahead you can see this wonderful world just unfolding before you. This is an understanding that bi-sexual women have above all others and it is incredibly attractive. Another quality I've noticed in bi-sexual women is that they like a man who is in control but not controlling. With just a little clever editing, say, "I know this guy who only dates bi-sexual women and he said...", this could be the start of something big!

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