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Pick-up artist

Speed Seductionist

Steel Ball man





Professional Asshole


I would like to give this wonderful art a name we can all enjoy and appreciate. I don't personally care to have the word Speed in it as its not all that 'romantic'. Any ideas? Seducer is pretty good. Also, SS calls scripting patterns. Some say, "Im going to make a 'play' on a girl" - a football connotation. I've been calling it a HIT. If it didn't pan out, I call that a NOGO. Did it go? no. Womanizer is appealing but in this day of equality, I do not wish to connect sexist with pick-up artistry. They aren't really connected but people will think that. What are the definitions to you guys? A player to me is someone who fucks a new girl every day - Im not a player by that standard definition. I picture them as outwardly SEXUAL and very fast. They seek women who enjoy that game and know the rules. Like in Swingers A seducer chases innocent women like in Dangerous Liaisons A womanizer does it for the money (I could be wrong about my definitions, Im just writing my impression - which could be easily swayed by reply posts) like the guys in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels A ladies-man? Rhett Butler professional assholes are comedians What are YOU? Out of this I hope to find a common ground of what is the best to be. I LOVE women. Womanizer? Me? I don't think so. Pick-up Artist connotes an art appreciation. I don't sleep with every girl I 'pick-up'. I just love the art of it. But I don't want to be known as a guy who 'picks up." To pick up something is easy. There it is, just pick it up. Im more of a treasure hunter. Sure. I was considering compiling my thoughts into a book called The Art of Attraction. Im maybe an attractionist or an attraction artist. Naw. How about a Lone Wolf. Naw, that seems too predatorial. I'm more into the Hunt. Im a hound and she's the fox. Ahh, so many metaphors. We need more to begin contemplating the similarities and the differences. I want to be able to tell someone what I am and have them not think Im a sexist pig. Because Im not. I guess you could call me a LOVER. One guy here is a polisher. He picks up a rough girl who's been bashed around once too often and polishes her up. Me? That takes too long and you have to be a fucking psychiatrist for them. Naw, I prefer women who already have it together in their heads. Treasure hunter. Some are agriculturist womanizers. They find a girl who isn't ready and become friends with her till he's ripe. OK, sure it can work, but while you are waiting ... :D

OPENING LINES or OPENERS or INTROs or STARTERS or LEAD-INs "I thought you'd like to join the party."

"You traverse the stairs with such poise."

"Do I have a tan?" - "I really like tan lines. They are sexy to me. Not a farmers tan now, I don't think seeing a beautiful woman with beautiful pale skin and red arms as sexy. For a lobster maybe."

"I prefer a cold Pepsi over a warm one." ..."I once put a Pepsi in the microwave thinking that I would drink a bubbly hot drink, well, all the bubbles dissipated from the drink and it tasted like sugary muddy water. Don't do it! You'll start growing hair in places you would prefer remained hairless ... like your tongue."

If a girl is on a cel phone and gets off, look down at your beeper and say, "Did you just page me? Sneaky girl! Very good!"

I'm tall so if a woman is sitting down I approach her and show her my palm and say "Press my elevator button." She presses my hand and I bend down saying, "going down ... buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" until Im crouched at her level. I then say, "My 6 year old niece LOVES that. Wait a sec, how ... old ... are you?"

If Im near stairs, I'll tap a girl on her shoulder and say, "who am I?" I then dramatically jog up the stairs and when I reach the top, I start shadow boxing and dancing and putting arms in the air like rocky and singing, "feeling strong now ... " I then yell down to her, "Hey, look at this." I run all the way back down and I show a girl my eye. "Look close, can you see it? I've got the eye of the tiger, see?"


girls women broads bitches whores scanks sluts chicks holes ladies cunts hoolees ... etc. I was hanging with a guy once who was into picking up girls and he called them all bitches. "Lets go get some bitches." I never told him I felt offended, but I truly did, you know? Another guy called them "Hoolees." Even 'chicks' is to denote an irrelevance to class and style, which is needed when presenting yourself to a woman. Consider "Women" or "Ladies" but not "Broads" as it brings the image of Casanova to the gutter. "Im going to bags some honeys." Consider, "We're off to be the wizards" or "lets slay the dragon" or "I off to find LOVE." By consistently using the words we would use in FRONT of women while behind the scenes (like in this NG) we prepare ourselves to be better equipped to present the proper classy attitude. Don't get me wrong, in bed, I can swear and fuck like a mink. Im not offended by words, but in order to create a more classy image of our art, we must at some point remove the stereotypical shit. A true artist doesn't use pick-up lines. He uses INTRO SCRIPTING. His INTROs are polished and non-sexist. His ROUTINES are natural, humorous and fun. His attitude towards the subject is that of a PROFESSIONAL. He systematically FINDS the best places and WORKS the rooms. He treats EVERYONE with respect and dignity. Even the other guys. All is fair in love and war, but this war is merely a war GAME. So lets not KILL or HURT anyone on this game of LOVE, but we will be disciplined like in a WARGAME.

Think of this game as a paintball game. You know the game will be a four hour session going in. You prepare yourself with WHORE-LURE (perfume - I prefer to call it Seduction Potion) and your gum and your lighter and off you go into the field. Its not a battle, its a game. Paintball is fun to play and while you get a couple bruises, you never die. See, in paintball, when I shoot someone, I don't yell out "DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE!!!!!!!!!" Its a game and not real war. Its fun. So when you find yourself getting all GUNG-HO about the game (all stressed out) fall back and realize it only a 4 our game session and you wont die. Just don't kill others at the same time. Call them Ladies not bitches, in the same way you would call your friends in a paintball match Skins or Colors and not Gooks or the Enemy.

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