Photo Routine

Have some photos with you in your pocket. Walk up to a girl with the photos in your hand and say, "Check these out. I just developed these." Start to show them and explain them. "Notice how this picture is just of the landscape and its entirely boring because there is nobody in it. Now look at this one, 3 people laughing. See how our brain finds it more interrupting to see faces than boring landscapes? My ex girlfriend took some of these pictures - she took the boring ones obviously." Now this girl is looking at pictures of you hanging with friends and surrounded by some girls, maybe you with a famous person (not REAL famous but DJs and radio personalities) and one can be of your EX-GIRLFRIEND who happens to be BETTER looking than the girl you are talking to. To set up for this effect, all you need is a camera. Go out and take pictures of you at a club with friends. When you meet a girl who is a babe, have your friend come over and take a pic of you two together. There, done. NEW EX-GIRLFRIEND photo.

verbalize what your intentions are first. That way if she says no you can say "wow. you really wrecked a moment! Your boyfriends musta really hated that about you." So you can say, "I want to kiss you." or "Kiss me." or "Do you like having your neck bit? why? Because right now all I want to do is bite your neck." or "stick your tongue out." Then slowly go up to her face and suck on her tongue. This is MY personal favorite. They are just considerations. I found just going for the kiss without indicating your intentions can sometimes lead to embarrassment - more than her saying NO. at least you can save face from the chat than from the situation where she moves AWAY from the kiss.

her: you must pick up alot of women.

you: hmm let me ask you a question. would you prefer a man who is attractive to other women or one who is only handsome in your eyes? or you: are you kidding? my girlfriends would KILL me if I did that!

whenever an approach with a girl crashes, you will see a blue light. You will see a 'cyan aura'. say that with a Mexican accent now. "damn, she gave me the blue light dude!"

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