Photo Routine

have some photographs in an envelope that you had taken. keep them in your pocket. then when you see a girl or a group of girls, go up while looking through your pics and say, "look at this. is that a thumb? " then critique your pics as if the girl is merely someone to talk to, you aren't HITTING on them. You are just being pleasant. "notice how the landscape pics are boring ... but pics with people in them are interesting and grab your attention. See this one? boring ... but this one has 3 people in it and I notice how my mind goes to processing the situation by looking at expressions of the faces and stuff. ohh, and I hate the ones where the guy in the photo is just standing there looking in the camera. BORING! How 'bout this one though? see? 3 people are NOT looking in the camera and they are talking - doesn't that look more CANDID? I like those the most." You have a choice from here. bail out with a "pleasure meeting you" or wing it for the rest of it cause by now you are IN. As long as you don't HIT on them in this first minute or two of talk and you convey confidence, charisma, a good sense of humor, smile, are well dressed and groomed (shave and trim!!!) and humorously neg hit the beauty of the group, you are MONEY! BE the man they want. BE fun. BE funny. Let THEM hit on YOU. BE a cool friend, not a SLIMEY PICK UP ARTIST (moaa hahaha). If by the end of this minute to two minute opening act, if a girl is interested in your they will respond, if not ... move on. you are out to get good at this so PRACTICE

This is the PHOTO OPENING: (slow it down, ask COOL and COLLECTED - yes its an act - I know inside you are screaming but outside you are like fonzie, coooool!) Lean MORE to humor than being serious. You will need to do this OPENING a good 50 times before you understand the timing of this and HOW good it is. It seems natural (hey, I just got these pics developed) and its a wonderful beginning to play off of. Bring I microcassette recorder with you too to tape your approaches. Imagine having EVERY one on tape to hear the progress? to notice the differences? that would be AWESOME. Now, get out there are meet women - approach 12 girls in 1 day. do that for 4 days in a week. You will have taken the material and turned it into ART. You are a performer -like a comedian. You have the material there (a great topic to go with) and you have to work out the kinks LIVE. so go to it.


Get into day hiking. Invite a lady to join you in your 'weekly' day hike. Tell them to bring the food and you'll bring the drink. Tell them about the bear you came across. Hiking is good for keeping shape too and over time you'll feel more energy. You will keep toned for the ladies. Women are attracted to 'successful' men. Being successful is a lifestyle. Convey to her that you keep your schedule busy with lots of 'fun' things and not just with work. Many successful people have a set workout schedule and when you have a girlfriend, you can include her into your workout schedule. It gives you something to do together (assuming you are chasing quality women who workout daily). Design and implement a proper diet and workout schedule. Convey that you care for your body because this shows you respect yourself.

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