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Establish eye contact. Say hi ... make it sound sincere. Don't make it seem like you are trying to pick them up. "Hi there!" is wrong. They will in fact question in their minds why you are talking to them ... you may later on tell them

Enter scenario with an appropriate OPENER. Certain OPENERs are good for CERTAIN scenario types. You will have to select one and then commit to it. Go in and perform the opener. The main purpose of the opener is to obtain her attention and raise her interest to initiate chat. It is not a time to hit on her. It is not a time to introduce yourself. Its is not a time to complement her. It is not a time to lose money on her.

All OPENERs begin with a big SMILE. Good natured. Not NERVOUS looking. In fact, you will be more into yourself than into HER. You are NOT to insinuate you have some form of sexual attraction to her. As far as you are concerned, you only started talking because you are a talkative person and she is handy.

An opener is not merely an opening LINE. True, the first line is important but you must be able to continue this for up to two minutes. OPENING does not mean merely INITIATING the chat but actually OPENING her shield. See, a woman of particular beauty and sexual attraction will attract many men who will approach her in a typical day. So she will over time create or learn several natural strategies to get rid of all the interruptions from these men. The OPENER gets the chat going but the OPENING Phase lasts until you have penetrated this shield (AKA: the bitch shield).

The Proximity Alert System

When a PUA walks into a FIELD (store, cafe, nightclub, etc.) a shy woman, reluctant to even make eye contact with him, may find him visually appealing and on a conscious or unconscious level reveal her interest through her proximity. Have you ever walked into a nightclub and found yourself standing near a woman you were attracted to ... if only to be near her and check her out more? Maybe instead of approaching her you ordered a drink at the bar right next to her. Have you ever been in a store shopping where it seemed that a woman you had seen earlierstood near you several times over the short period of time? While you can never be 100% certain, her repeated proximity should indicate a potential interest. She may be putting herself near you on purpose hoping that you might start something.

picture of woman near me (beth holding and her friend watching?) or a circle chart. OPENERS

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