Tell the girl you have rented movies and are coming over. She will ask what they are and you will say, "I have 3 or them. Its a surprise." If she agrees, tell her to cook some popcorn and then run out and rent some movies - girlie flicks. Bring candles and chips and pop. Tell her you want to be ALONE with her too. So tell her to kick anyone out. If she is busy say, all right then Im sorry to hear that. Tell her the next day that you spent the evening with some other girl. And then tell her the movies - all good movies SHE'D like to have seen.

OK when there, watching the movies with candles on and popcorn and all that... say to her ... "Shhh ... come here." And then start to do the do. If she is hesitant she will say, "what about the movie?" And you say, "I rented them for THREE days. Im not into the movie as much as I am into you. Stick your tongue out."

Then you suck on her tongue. See?

Would you like to sit down by the lake - of course you would, it's nice and private down there

He takes his tic tacs out and dumps two into his hand. He then puts one in his mouth and the other goes into her mouth and his finger lingers on her lips.

"should we become boyfriend and girlfriend I want us to become really good friends too."

"I want to get you alone ... so we can enjoy eachother ... tonight we make plans."

you know what I really want to do right now? go back to your car and continue this. I love kissing you ... you taste so good."

when you are talking with two girls who seem to like you, say ... You: "I've decided. Im going to seduce both of you at the same time." them: "oh really"

you: "yes. and by the end of this night, if we all lucky, all three of us are going to kiss eachother. Imagine two tongues on yours. Have you ever kissed eachother?"

you say "babe, I have you on my mind right now - come over." she says "WHY" you say, "because I want to hold you"

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