Main Objective

Adopting the popular objective of finding an attractive woman for a long term relationship is a common error among many AVERAGE FRUSTRATED CHUMPS (AFCs). Several problems arise from setting such an goal. Firstly, due to the importance imposed on every woman approached, your fears will be heightened, making the pick up that much more difficult. If you were only to approach the women that you considered potential long term girlfriends, you would simply never gain the experience required for the rare time when a woman of particular beauty comes along. If you wish to get a LONG TERM GIRLFRIEND (LTGF) you must still obtain the necessary skills and these skills can only derive from numerous interactions with women. From this reasoning, Mystery's first rule was created.

RULE: Focus on the many.

Without the acquired skills you will not be able capture the one girl you may currently obsess over. Without these skills the probability is very low that you will win her. Since you have already failed to win her the first time you met you have entered into the damage control zone. Instead of focusing on how to fix these situations, The Mystery Method instead focuses on ways to get a girl from scratch and do so effectively and efficiently.

RULE: Don't obsess over any ONE girl. DAMAGE ZONE

RULE: Don't try to fix things in the Damage Zone. Figure what went wrong and fix them for the next girl and don't get in the damage zone.

Its easier to find a new girl than to fix an pick up that falls into the damage zone

We constantly struggle to control our emotions: empower yourself to get into a TALKATIVE MOOD. That's the KEY EMOTION. Conveying Personality: you must be in the MOOD to CONVEY.

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