Loud Music Opener

Here is an idea that you may use when faced with a situation where the music in a club is just so fucking loud that you cannot POSSIBLY convey personality because you cant talk: I have a computer organizer that fits in my back pocket. now of COURSE I do NOT use it to # close (I carry pencil and paper for greater warmth) but I DO transfer the #s into the scheduler soon after I leave the public gathering. IF a woman is sitting in a LOUD area (ear speakers or whatnot) simply type a message into the MEMO section of your scheduler and turn the backlight on and pass the device to her.

"You seem underwealmed - what are you looking for? Type to reply."

simply continue with "well everyone is looking for something ... unless .. you've already found it."

you can also use just pencil and a pad of paper should a scheduler is not in your possession ... although the backlight helps tremendously with low light conditions.

Remember to have a smile on your face.

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