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FLOWERS are too stereotypical and traditional. Chocolates too. Get her something ORIGINAL ... tell her you bought yourself some CDs and you knew she loved TITANIC so you bought it for her. I did this once (if was an honest natural thing at the time) and she was SO APPRECIATIVE. I was just being nice at the time but the reward was alot more than just my feeling good for doing something nice for her. FLOWERS are out. Think more. Does she like to do art? get her a sketch book. Or a cool pencil and tell her that all the future art of hers is already inside this magic pencil. buy her a diary and tell her you hope to be written about fondly - WAY better than cheeso flowers. buy her a portable game of stratego and tell her you want to learn to play it with her. Find out what movie is her FAV. And bands too. find out what she HAS and what she WANTS.

I some of take the "Thrice Spoken, Once Fulfilled" rule. If a girl = gives you 3 positive body language signs, then you KNOW you have passed = all the qualification issues and can now immediately shift from funny = and playful to intimate. you can go for the touching and the whispering = and then the # close or better the kiss close. If a girl is laughing at all your material (even stuff that really isn't = all that funny) that is a sign. If a girl grabs your arm and leans into you or puts her head on your = shoulder, that's a sign If she leans in towards you for extended periods of time, or crosses her = legs towards you, that is a sign. if she folds her arms or leans back or turns her crossed legs away from = you, don't go for the kill until these things change. If it doesn't = change, don't bother going in. Be willing to leave. These are all bad = signs. Body language is the one thing you MUST watch as this is the indicator = to tell you whether you have passed the qualification process and can go = for the kill or must lay more ground work or eject.

Here is yet another subtlety about the game. You must work fast. Really WORK the room. Mingle. Keep busy. If the room just isn't keeping you busy, you are in the wrong room. You must change your location then. Busy isn't looking for your next girl but rather when you are talking to one (or her circle of friends). Working the room not only satisfies the 'the more doors you knock on the more will open' axiom, but also 'strive to appear very social.' Other women will notice you with many women (though you are not HITTING on these women.) They will wonder if you are taken or not. Let them wonder this when you next approach THEM. You will convey your wonderful personality to them through interesting and humorous thoughts and anecdotes and it isn't until they shows positive body language signs that you move in closer and tell them the other girls are just 'interests'. It shouldn't take more that 20 minutes TOPS to bring a girl in this way. When women see you surrounded by other women, it makes them see you in a sexual light. What is it that all these other women find attractive about you they will ask themselves. AND ... if they start to hit on you within the first 10 minutes you can NEG them gently. 'My you come on strong' is something you can say if she happens to fix her bra strap infront of you. 'That isn't till we're alone'. Then immediately change the subject back to something non-sexual. Another thought: I noticed whenever I was not only in a good mood but rather in a fucking awesome mood, girls would flock my way. My mood was usually due to something external like new career opportunity or meeting someone I really admired or some cool shit like that. I would then be on cloud nine for the next couple hours all enthusiastic about life and whenever I would meet a girl while I was in that mood I would tell her about my great experience. I almost ALWAYS got the girl when I conveyed this vibrant positivity. It got me thinking. So I tried to FAKE this mood. Im talking I actually lied to a girl and told her about my awesome day as if just happened when in fact it occurred weeks ago and it WORKED. To tell a girl that her presence in your life is just the icing to your cake makes her feel good to be part of your great day. In fact, I think a great OPENER would be to walk up to a girl and say, "I just had the most AWESOME day. :)" Then tell her what happened. Recite something very cool - AND detailed. Involve her. Tell her about your brush with greatness. Nothing boring like you just got an A in Gym though. After a ten minute chat of how great your life is lately, you then cap it with, 'and now I meet YOU. It can't get any better.' Even though she may have not said a word, she will be excited by your emotional state. Be more into yourself and your great day than into her. My axiom for the day: Enthusiasm is contagious.


"You have ... an amazing energy. May I?" (Motioning to hold her hands. Then while holding her hands 'feel' the energy.) "Do you feel it? (dramatically serious face) ... Tingly. (grin)" Mystery (modified from David Shade's homepage of a Ross Jefferies opener)

The SECRET to getting in with a woman is this. BE TALKATIVE. That's it. If you have SO MUCH to talk about and you bombard them with lots of fun and interesting shit (where you show humor and opinion and passion) you get to convey your personality. Thing is, a talkative person gets WAY more lay than one who doesn't. So the SECRET is to put yourself into a talkative MOOD. Ever been in one? I was talkative today and I tell you it WORKS. I thought about it and honestly, looking back to all the chicks I got, I got them because I was really talkative. I just yakked their ear off. Then after I saw the body language was all positive I would come out of the blue and say, "Would you like to kiss me?" That was it. I would talk passionately about something. And TALK and TALK. I wouldn't talk about THEM. I wouldn't ask questions. We always say we should get them to talk. I say not right away. If they join into what you are yakking off about great but if not, who cares. they can listen to you. after the kiss you can ask them tons of questions and get into their shit with them. SECRET = BE TALKATIVE.

Body Language Magic

Body Language Magic

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